What’s your favourite penguin species?

We asked the students getting ready for the Antarctic 2014 expedition which species of penguin is their favourite.



” My favorite penguin is the Emperor Penguin because it is the largest penguin and looks to be the toughest of the penguins.  I also like the Rockhopper Penguin because I like the way it looks with feathers sticking straight out of its head.”

~Sean Kaupp



“I would have to say Adelie penguins because there the amigos in they movie Happy Feet.”

~Brandan Wade



” My favorite penguin species is the Little Blue Penguin.  This was always my favorite penguin because in Kindergarten I was assigned this penguin to do a report on for my class.  My friend got the Emperor Penguin.  Unfortunately since this penguin is only found in Australia and New Zealand, I will not be seeing him later this month.”

~Max Markowitz



I would have to say that my favourite penguin species would be the Macaroni Penguin, mainly because of their wacky yellow crest feathers, but also because of the fact that they lay 2 eggs instead of one!

~Alissa Sallans



I have read about all the types of Penguins but my favourite are without a doubt: the Emperor Penguins. They are majestic and colourful giants with a golden blaze on their neck. They are known to breed during winter and can survive the severe conditions of Antarctic winter. Unfortunately the Emperor Penguin have the hardest time among all the bird species.”

~Zareen Cheema



“Little penguins because they are cute.”

~Matilda Kooktook



“I’m not a huge penguin fan so it’s hard to say a favorite species. However, a year and a half ago I went to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands with People to People. At the Galapagos I learned about a species of penguins who live there. I thought that it was very interesting that a species of penguins lives in such a warm climate. So, I would have to say that the Galapagos Penguins is my favorite species of penguins.”

~Matthew Peterson



“The Adelinstraperorkinghoppertoo. Basically because they are all amazing and should each occupy an equal status of breathtaking marvelousness in my mind world.”

~Eva Wu



” All baby penguins are fluffy and cute”

~Rose Emak



The Emperor Penguin is definitely my favourite species. The adults appear to be tall, valiant and poised in their white and black feathers, while the chicks are extremely cute little balls of grey fluffiness. Also, their annual breeding cycle where the fathers are left to care for the chicks throughout the entire Antarctic winter is a heartwarming story of bravery, sacrifice and love.”

~Robert Adragna


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