What are the Antarctic 2014 students most excited about?

With the expedition launch only three days away, it’s hard to imagine just how excited the students are. After all, they’re about to embark upon the journey of a lifetime! So we asked them what they’re most excited about.



“I am looking forward to learning a lot about Antarctica and meeting everyone but I am especially excited about the possibility of jumping in the ocean and then sitting in the “hottub” dug out of the sand at Whaler’s Bay on Deception Island and of course, seeing all of the wildlife.”

~Sean Kaupp



“To meet new people and to learn new things.”

~Matilida Kooktook



“I am most excited about seeing the penguins and learning about their habits from some real experts. I am very excited about having some short plays onboard while we are at sea. I’m hoping that we have some other drama enthusiasts onboard. This will be an amazing experience and I cannot wait to get to the bottom of the world!”

~Matthew Wren



“Aside from the fact that I think everyone is excited for, going to the ANTARCTIC, I’m excited to learn from experts about the impacts of climate change on the poles, and see firsthand the ecosystem we need to protect. Plus how many people on the earth will ever get the chance to see a penguin in the wild!”

~Alissa Sallans



“It’s hard to pick out one thing I’m looking forward to. The whole trip sounds amazing to me. One thing I am looking forward to is seeing when my bathing suit will be used. Becuase to me I don’t know when I would use one in Antarctica!”

~Matthew Peterson



“I am so excited about the opportunity to learn about Antarctica from real scientists. I’ve got lots of scientific questions about the environment there and can’t wait to learn about this unique environment.”

~Julia Wren



“I’m very excited to photograph the majestic beauty of this continent. Geology and biology combine to create a natural wonder in Antarctica, which I hope to capture and preserve through the camera’s lens in an artistic way. It will also be fascinating to retrace the footsteps of Antarctic exploration. So many of its stories, particularly Shackleton’s Endurance expedition, portray adventures of triumph and bravery that resonate with all of humanity. I cannot wait to sail the waters in which these legendary endeavours took place.”

~Robert Adragna



“I’m really interested in learning the real facts about global warming and about the real threats to the Antarctic environment. When I hear people say that global warming is a myth I would like to have the scientific understanding to reply with sound scientific explanations. I am totally excited about this expedition and ready to meet all the other young explorers.”

~CB Wren



“What I look forward the most about the 2015 Antarctic Expedition is learn more about Antarctic and the species of animals that live there.”

~Brandan Wade



“Meeting other people interested in learning about the biology of Antarctica.”

~Max Markowitz



“I have grown up listening to stories of great explorers who overcame all odds to discover the Antarctic landmass. It is difficult to point out one aspect since I am looking forward to everything Antarctica has to offer!”

~Zareen Cheema



“Being able to finally pull out this super amazing new camera I got and capturing all the penguins, ice, and awesomeness!”

~Eva Wu



“New experiences, enjoying the expedition, experiencing a new environment, etc.”

~Rose Emak


“Getting to see the wildlife while we are down there, that and I’m a pretty curious guy so I always want to go to places that I don’t know and that would be Antarctica in this case.



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