Trails in Tandem

Trails in Tandem

Launched in 2016, Trails in Tandem is an outdoor education initiative dedicated to bringing Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth together in nature. Built on the belief that natural environments offer one of the greatest places for us to connect, Trails in Tandem team seeks to get youth outside and bridge the gap between northern and southern Canada. They believe that to share a trail is to share a story; so they work to give youth opportunities to connect through shared experiences in nature.



In July 2017, Trails in Tandem partnered with the Fort Norman Métis Land Corporation and embarked on an expedition on the Canol Heritage Trail in the Sahtu region of the Northwest Territories. The expedition brought together youth from the urban south and Indigenous youth from the north. The expedition was filmed and is now in post-production, with a documentary expected in the Spring of 2018.

The Team

Erinn Drage (Producer)

Erinn has a diverse background working in northern policy, parks and protected areas, and Indigenous/non-Indigenous relations throughout Canada. She is an experienced backpacker and mountaineer at heart with a love for true wilderness. Always encouraging people to get outside, Erinn works to gather the resources necessary to connect youth with the natural world and with each other alike. As lead producer, Erinn kick-started the Trails in Tandem project over a year ago by leveraging community members and partners working across the north. Erinn currently works with Canadian Parks and Wilderness Association (CPAWS) in Ottawa.

Nicholas Castel

A passionate communicator and multimedia creator with a background in youth engagement and polar education, Nick craves any good excuse to get outside and tell stories. After falling in love with the Sahtu during the Sahtú Dene Ts’ı̨lı̨ on-the-land bush school, Nick has been working to bring the creative vision of Trails in Tandem to life through multimedia. His work strives to bring stories to life in honest, thoughtful and cinematic ways. Nick is currently editing the Trails in Tandem documentary.

Jordan Lennie

A skilled outdoorsman and talented program developer based out of Tulita, Northwest Territories, Jordan is a nature enthusiast. With countless hours of experience in the bush and certified in Advanced Wilderness First Aid, Jordan knows the pieces necessary to create safe, engaging and memorable experiences outdoors. With a holistic approach and sharp eye, Jordan also works to amplify the voices of community members, partners and youth during the creative process of any project. Jordan recently wrapped up a position as the youth Intern at the Sahtu Renewable Resources Board (SRRB) in Tulita.

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