Melting Ice for Safety (MIS)

Melting Ice for Safety (MIS)

Melting Ice for Safety (MIS) is an initiative led by Students on Ice alumnus Pauli Illuitok to record a time-lapse video of the breaking up of ice around Kugaaruk during the spring and early summer.

Supported by Canadian Ranger Sergeant David Illuitok and with generous funding from Polar Knowledge Canada’s POLAR Inspiration Grant Program, this project will provide better insight into the speed and patterns of sea ice breakup during the spring months.

The video time lapse will be shared with the Canadian Rangers for planning alternative routes on the ice, enhancing the safety of community members who go camping and hunting in the spring.

The time-lapse video was recorded from May 4-6, 2016 and August 8-10, 2016. Below are some of Pauli’s preliminary results.

Kugaaruk, Nunavut, on June 12, 2016


Kugaaruk, Nunavut, on June 12, 2016

The final video is available here.

Melting Ice for Safety (MIS) is one of three winning recipients of Polar Knowledge Canada’s 2016 POLAR Inspiration Grants. 

About the Polar Inspiration Grant Program
The Students on Ice (SOI) Foundation, in partnership with Polar Knowledge Canada (POLAR), launched the POLAR Inspiration Grants program to support SOI Arctic alumni in making a difference within their community or region of the Canadian Arctic. Winning projects for 2016 include Northern Lights, The Iqaluit Qajaq Society and Melting Ice for Safety. To learn more about the Polar Inspiration Grant Program.

About Pauli Illuitok
Pauli is an Inuk from Kujaaruk, Nunavut who recently participated in the Students on Ice 2015 Arctic Expedition. He is a graduate of Kugaaruk Illiniarvik. He enjoys hunting, doing mechanical and small engine work on snowmobiles and ATVs and being out on the land. 



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