Climate Guides

Climate Guides

An SOI alumni-led initiative that connects youth to professionals addressing climate change through mentorship. Climate Guides invests in the next generation of climate leaders to generate optimistic solutions.

Climate Guides is an initiative co-directed by Caroline Merner and Marina Melanidis, alumni from the SOI 2017 Arctic Expedition.

On the Ocean Endeavor ship, their expedition had an intergenerational component connecting professionals with youth. Elders, scientists, educators, and leaders offered guidance for bright ideas. Caroline and Marina saw that mentorship could elevate youth innovation. They discovered a shared passion for addressing climate change and fittingly live in the same city of Vancouver. Thus, Climate Guides began.

“How are youth supported in innovating climate change solutions? How can youth connect to climate change careers?” – Caroline Merner & Marina Melanidis



Climate Guides contributes to a positive narrative on tackling climate change. The mentorship program gathers mentees and mentors through personal and professional development experiences. These partnerships generate optimistic solutions to benefit our community and our planet. Since launching in January 2018, they presented at five events in the first month. Climate Guides welcomes mentees and mentors from Vancouver for the 2018 cohort, as well as members for the advisory board across Canada. The first edition will have 10 mentors and 10 mentees in fields of climate policy, technology, oceans, conservation, energy, food systems, and zero waste, among others. Their goal is to equip our generation with skills, a mentor, financial support, and a network of passionate community members. The CG team hopes this platform will potentially connect the country from coast to coast to coast and the global in climate action.



Caroline is a passionate environmental educator and a sustainability enthusiast.
Caroline works at Ocean Wise engaging youth in ocean conservation. She co-directed
the Dalhousie Student Union Sustainability Office in 2016-17 and, since 2015, has
served as a Youth Advisory Group member for the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.
Her background in conservation has taken her to the Arctic, Hawaii, Peru, Chile and
Banff, as a workshop facilitator and international conference delegate. As a graduate
from Dalhousie University in Sustainability and International Development, Caroline’s
thesis focused on effective climate change communication. She is  now thrilled to co-
direct Climate Guides in Vancouver. For her work, Caroline has been named Green
Student of the Year by Dalhousie University, an inaugural Young Women for Nature by
Nature Canada, and a Top 25 Under 25 Environmentalists by Starfish Canada.

Marina Melanidis is a senior undergraduate student at UBC studying Natural Resources
Conservation. Having grown up in Vancouver BC, surrounded by ocean, forests, and
mountains, her passion for the environment and for developing climate change solutions
is no surprise. Marina is a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholar, which has led
her to India and the Arctic to discover and learn how climate change is altering
ecosystems and livelihoods around the world. She has also been able to contribute to
climate change research at home with several federal and provincial departments. The
global connections Marina has made have helped her to better understand how climate
change impacts families and communities. Marina believes that connection is the most effective way to build understanding and create change, and hopes to continue to find new ways to make these connections throughout her life and career.

Michal is a visionary and enjoys working on projects that better the world. In Czech
Republic, Michal studied Psychology and Sociology to understand behaviour change
and how people interact in society. He was one of the founding members of a
mentorship program with UNIFER, a professional development organization for
students. Michal quickly discovered the benefits of a mentee-mentor platform, not just
for a trusting relationship, but for greater society. His background in marketing helps
propel ideas with good intention forward. His involvement in Climate Guides guarantees
new ideas, forethought and constant creativity.  Michal is a morel mushroom
connoisseur. Despite the fact that they need frequent forest fires to spawn, he hopes to
help reverse this trend by creating a new generation of leaders towards change.

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