Mechanical engineer, entrepreneur, social and environmental advocate from Alberta, Canada

Already a budding engineer when she journeyed to the Arctic at 17, Eden’s drive to explore and create new technologies stemmed from curiosity. Impacts of climate change ignited in Eden a sense of urgency and renewed purpose to leverage her talents to benefit others and ultimately, the planet. Now, Eden has successfully developed technology and the supporting enterprise to increase energy and clean drinking water accessibility to off-grid communities.

The Expedition Experience

The Students on Ice Arctic 2009 expedition had a profound impact on Eden. She developed a new understanding and appreciation for the culture of this unique homeland and gained first-hand insight into the challenges it faces as a result of a changing climate. This was an eye opening experience that gave direction to her passion and talent for technological innovation. Removed from her everyday life and inspired by her surroundings, Eden embraced her experience and the opportunity to reflect on the role she would play.

Realizing Goals & Ambitions

Eden’s first foray into solar technology began as a high school science fair project, which later evolved into a non-profit organization that earned her numerous accolades including a place on Forbes Top 30 under 30 list three years in a row. Committed to making a difference and stretch the boundaries of what she could accomplish, Eden enrolled in Princeton University’s Mechanical Engineering Program. However, her innovative ideas could not wait! She was awarded $100,000 by the Thiel Foundation to take a few years off of school and make her vision a reality.

"I can now truly understand why we continue to try and find technologies that make our world a greener place. We only have this opportunity in the present to do so, and if we do not seize it, we will leave a great burden behind for our future generations to come."

Making a Difference

Eden took two years off her studies at Princeton to work full time on SunSaluter, a counterweight system of dripping water bottles that rotates solar panels to face the sun. The technology is used in fifteen countries and produces clean water as a by-product. The reason the project has been so successful is that Eden never stops pushing.

Looking Ahead

For Eden, SunSaluter is just the beginning. Her experience on SOI’s Arctic Expedition taught her to challenge herself and to remain open to new perspectives and opportunities for a better future for herself and for the planet. Eden’s latest venture? Robotics and computer science.

"Just because I studied engineering doesn’t mean I should just be an engineer. There is a future out there where people can do good things with many different kinds of technology and I think taking risks and living my life to the fullest means being open minded."

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