Inuit youth advocate from Nunavik, Canada

Anthony Arreak is a young Inuk from Northern Quebec, an Olympic torch bearer, and a youth advocate. He empowers youth in his community by teaching them discipline through karate lessons.


Expedition Experience

For Anthony Arreak, going on his Students on Ice expedition to the Arctic in 2009 was all about the people. Meeting educators, who inspired him to pay closer attention to the ways in which his community was feeling the effects of climate change, and fellow like-minded students inspired Anthony to make a difference.

Realizing Goals & Ambitions

Anthony was always heavily involved in sports in his community, but upon returning from expedition, inspired and ready to take on the world, he began to apply for various opportunities. In 2010 he was selected as an Olympic torchbearer for his community of Kuujjuaq, Quebec, and in 2011 he won the Canadian Future Achiever award.

“There are people around the world that do want to help, and make a change.”

Making a Difference

The positive impact that Anthony has on his community is demonstrated in his capacity as a karate teacher. Living in a small community such as Kuujjuaq, it’s essential that youth have an outlet, and Anthony helps create that by teaching karate.

Looking Ahead

Anthony currently works for the Kativik Regional Police Force, and soon he will be attending Concordia University in the fall of 2015, as he hopes to further his education to better work with and empower youth. Between working and studying, he enjoys getting out and exploring his home-country and the world.

“I see that what I do impacts those kid’s lives. Their parents have also told me that they’re more disciplined in their homes now that they have something to do.”