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Steven Jia

Steven Jia

I’m Steven Jia, hailing from Mississauga, Ontario. When I’m not studying for my IB exams, you can find me organizing Ecoweek as part of Green Team, arguing against water privatization in Debate Club, or leading my humble String Ensemble through those challenging sixteenths sprinkled in classical and Disney songs alike. I’ve also travelled to compete internationally at DECA, a business case competition. Don’t get me wrong—I absolutely love supporting the environment, but I believe that business knowledge comes in handy when trying to strike a balance that ensures the protection of the environment.

I am extremely grateful to have the chance to embark on this expedition! I hope to observe firsthand the beautiful Arctic and its various natural processes and meet amazing people along the way. Afterwards, I plan on giving expedition-inspired presentations within my community to share what I’ve learned about the far north.

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