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Matthew Szczepanski

Matthew Szczepanski

Born and raised in the heart of suburbia (Mississauga, Ontario), the 17 year old Matthew Szczepanski, better known as Matt, defines himself as a mellow guy who is interested in travel and fresh experiences. He has received numerous academic awards and is largely involved in his community through his volunteering. He is passionate about extreme sports (such as freestyle skiing, downhill mountain biking, and surfing), personal health (fitness and diet), cinematography/photography, and nature. Matt hopes to pursue a future in travel and documentary film production.

Matt is concerned about the well-being of his host planet (Earth); he aims to exists in the most environmentally sustainable manner possible. Through the SOIexpedition, Matt expects to gain a greater understanding of the world and his responsibility to help preserve it. He will be filming the journey and intends to produce a documentary film about the Arctic Region and the culture of its inhabitants. ‎

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