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Alexia Fabiani

Alexia Fabiani

Hello everyone, sports-and-adventures-nerd, Alexia, talking!

I am a third-year undergraduate student in the land of the rising Sun. I am studying physics in order to understand our beautiful and complex Earth and universe.

I still do not understand much, though.

My other passion is triathlon, and my ultimate goal is Ironman distance. It is a daily commitment that I am enjoying a lot. I particularly enjoy outdoor sports, that enable me to appreciate the beauty of nature.

I worship sincere and committed friendships; I would really do anything to make my friends happy.

I am so grateful to be able to discover the Arctic again 6 years after my first SOI expedition. I can not wait to meet you guys and live the best moments of our lives!

Let’s make the most of our time there and come back changed to change the world!

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