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SOI welcomes back Juno award-winner Ian Tamblyn to Arctic 2017 expedition

We are thrilled to welcome back Juno award-winner Ian Tamblyn to our 2017 Students on Ice Expedition. A musician for more than 40 years, Ian has released 38 albums, 14 plays, and more than one hundred theatre soundtracks. He has received numerous awards for his work, including English Songwriter of the Year from the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2010. Additionally, Ian was made a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society for his work in the Canadian Arctic.

Born in Thunder Bay, Ian now calls Chelsea, Quebec home. He has travelled extensively in higher latitudes, where he has drawn inspiration for many of his albums. He has journeyed to Iceland, Greenland, and the Falkland Islands, just to name a few, and has conducted music camps in Torngat Mountains National Park, NL as well as Rankin Inlet, NU. A long-time friend of Students on Ice, Ian has joined multiple Arctic and Antarctic expeditions as an educator and musician. On board the ship he holds music and song writing workshops, often guiding students in their efforts to express their experiences both during expedition and at home. Ian’s music fills the ship in the evening as he performs alongside students, Inuit musicians and others. We are so excited to have him join the team again this year as we sail north!

Hear what Ian has to say about the power of music in learning below and listen to his latest album in collaboration with Students on Ice above.

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