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In a five-part television and digital series entitled The Floating Classroom, the breathtaking beauty of the Arctic, its people and the complex ecosystem that makes it one of the planet’s biggest and best classrooms is brought to life through the perspective of the students, educators and guides who participated in SOI’s 16-day expedition in July 2014.

View times are November 16-20, daily at 3:44pm, 4:44pm & 5:44pm and all episodes are available online at . See below for a description of each episode.

Episode 1: Floating Classroom

In Episode 1 of 5, educator, social entrepreneur and adventurer Geoff Green explains how Students on Ice was founded and the successes and challenges of taking 85 students from around the globe to the Canadian Arctic. Follow on Twitter using #floatingclassroom

Episode 2: Arctic’s Sound

In Episode 2 of 5, legendary songwriter and folk singer Ian Tamblyn describes how the life-altering experiences witnessed by students in the Arctic are set to music, and that the traditional practice of throat-singing blends with hip hop to create something unique. Follow on Twitter using #floatingclassroom

Episode 3: The Unknown North

In Episode 3 of 5, some of Canada’s most-influential scholars on our North and its communities share the importance of educating the younger generations on its importance to Canadian culture, life and the promise of a future . Follow on Twitter using #floatingclassroom

Episode 4: Climate Change

In Episode 4 of 5, the impact of our changing climate is witnessed first hand by the students, with some of Canada’s most-prolific voices on the Canadian Arctic reiterating their concerns for change, if it’s not too late. Follow on Twitter using #floatingclassroom

Episode 5: 85 Lives Changed

In Episode 5 of 5, the actual students open up on how the expedition changed their lives and view of the planet while providing them the motivation to change our world every day. Follow on Twitter using #floatingclassroom

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