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Q & A with Camille Slack – our Expedition & Logistics Intern!

  1. Tell us about one moment from your 2011 Antarctic expedition that keeps coming back to you.

There were so many incredible moments while on expedition that it’s difficult to pick just one that has really stayed with me. I think one of my favourite moments in the Antarctic was when we were able to explore a bit of Deception Island. Seeing all the enormous oil drums and remnants of whales was incredible and really 389529_304511169601319_2074814455_nput into perspective how much the Antarctic has changed throughout the years. The old whaling station would have been a bustling community as one point in time and now all that remains are fragments slowly worn down by the harsh weather.

The island’s volcanic activity was also incredible to experience. The steam rolling off the black sand was a constant reminder of the island’s volatile nature and how despite seeming so harsh, Antarctic systems are also fragile and ever-changing. Deception Island was definitely amongst one of the most amazing places I experienced while on expedition.

2.What attracted you to working with Students on Ice?

My expedition opened up a lot of really exciting opportunities for me from environmental leadership programs to co-op opportunities to different clubs, committees and more. Since my expedition had such a wonderful impact on my life I thought it was such an exciting opportunity to get involved with the program when I saw the email calling for an expedition logistics intern for the coming summer. I was so excited to potentially get the chance to help provide the same amazing experience I had with SOI to other students in however small a way. The SOI team is a really inspiring group of individuals so I was also excited to work as a part of such a great team.

I have learned so much already and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for me!
3. Tell us about your role with SOI and what you hope to accomplish.

As Expedition Logistics Intern my role is all about student and educator logistics before and during expedition. Alongside Jennifer, our Expedition Logistics Manager, and Emma, our Expedition Logistics Assistant we work to ensure all participants are properly registered and ready for the expedition. Our little dream team organizes scholarships, travel, registration and the other details of the expedition.

I am excited to gain a better understanding of all the preparation that goes into the expeditions. So much work goes into the program and I am interested to be on the other side of it this year.

4. You’ve been very active since your expedition – what are some highlights of your past year?

Since my expedition I’ve started an entirely new chapter of my life. Having finished up my time in high school I am now at Queens University in their Concurrent Education program with a major in Global Development and a minor in French. Heading into my third year of university I’ve had a chance to get involved with some exciting parts of Queens including our Social Justice Committee, our volunteer Breakfast Club program and our Alma Matter Society (I work at the on-campus pub the Queens Pub!)

Some definite highlights have been moving to two new cities, first Kingston and now Ottawa, meeting a ton of new people and getting to use my expedition as a pretty cool ice breaker – not many other people can say that they’ve travelled to the Antarctic! Travel is always a highlight in my life and since the expedition I’ve had the amazing chance to travel throughout France, Cuba and some parts of the United States. I’m super excited to be going on exchange next year to the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus in Trinidad to let my next adventure begin!404946_323458071010365_2108199948_n








5. What are three things you think people should know about you to really get to know you?

To really know me you should know that:

  • I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 13. I love trying new vegetarian recipes and am always ready to try new and exciting foods. Sadly, sometimes when left to my own devices new vegetarian recipes don’t always go so well…
  • I’ve been in French immersion since kindergarten and am now in a French minor in university. I’m pretty darn close to bilingual with the occasional exception due to how quickly someone speaks or their accent. Hopefully my summer in Ottawa will give me some chances to use my French a little more.
  • I LOVE to swim. I started swimming competitively when I was 7 and was on and off of different teams all the way until the end of high school. Even though I don’t race anymore I still love the water and swimming is one of my favourite summer and winter (provided an indoor pool) activities. Give me a pool, pond or anything in between and I’m there!

6. I can’t live without my…(must be an inanimate object) 

My Nalgene! Sounds super lame but you can bet I’m super well hydrated and every scratch, sticker and dent reminds me of a different adventure. I’ve had it since the I was in grade 11 so it’s verging on its 5th birthday and has seen me through its fair share of moves, camping trips, and university adventures amongst other things. It’s my must have as unexciting as it sounds.


7. What is your favourite recipe you can share with us?

Whenever I get stressed out about something at school or need a break I ‘procrasti-bake.’ A term I have lovingly coined for when I need to take a break, neglect my responsibilities for an hour or two and bake! It’s a great stress reliever and I can usually find one or two willing volunteers amongst my friends to help eat whatever I make. My staple procrasti-baking item this year was pumpkin muffins. They’re pretty simple and the ingredients are easy to find so even in our limited campus grocery store I can usually find what I need. My recipe is hand-written on a very well-loved cue card at my place back in Kingston so I unfortunately cannot share it with you but this one is very similar if you’d like to give Camille style procrasti-baking a try! Recipe: http://lovelylittlekitchen.com/best-ever-pumpkin-muffins/

8. I recently learned…

Wow, it’s awful that this is the hardest question to answer. I learn all the time! I’m a full time student so all I do is learn from September to April and outside of that I learn little everyday things like how to use the Ottawa bus system, how to rent a U-Haul or how to get raspberry jam out of a white shirt!

Something fun I recently learned was that I was accepted to spend a semester abroad in Trinidad through the Queens exchange program! I’m sure the learning will only continue as I grapple to gain an understanding of an entirely new school, culture, language (potentially) and environment.

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