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The growth and personal development of our alumni is a cornerstone of the Students on Ice (SOI) Foundation experience, and arguably as important as the expedition itself. Over 3000 students, scientists, educators, elders, community leaders, artists and others have joined the SOI Foundation on its expeditions over the past 20 years.

20th Anniversary Alumni Summit

We are calling out to all SOI alumni to come together to participate in our biggest virtual expedition to date.

We want to share some stories, learn from each other, see what alumni have been up to, share in collective reflection, and grow together into the world of tomorrow.  With the world in such a precarious place, what better time to come together virtually as a community to continue our collective journeys, using our collective knowledge as our compass. 

We are calling out to alumni from across the globe to lead, share and inspire us over a multi-day virtual expedition. 


It’s time to dust off your jacket, touque and lanyard! Registration will officially open on October 27, 2020. Keep your eyes peeled for your digital Orientation Package so you know exactly what to ‘pack’.

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About the Alumni Program

Invariably, participants leave the expedition inspired and empowered to make positive change in their own lives and in communities and across the globe. Since its inception the SOI Foundation has supported its alumni by facilitating connections between alumni, providing personal support for alumni-led initiatives, sharing opportunities for further education and personal growth, and connecting alumni to our network of partners and supporters.

Our alumni remain active within their polar networks post-expedition in channels that focus on different styles of engagement: Networking, Staying Engaged, and Leveraging Impact


Alumni stay in touch with their new family and friends from expedition in their own ways. We have expedition participants from a decade ago who still meet up, while others develop mentorships that last years. SOI Foundation provides support to network with alumni in your local community.

Alumni Chapters


Alumni Chapters connect alumni in the same hometown or area of residence. These are fun, community-oriented groups that organize events, outings and discussions. The chapters are led by a regional co-ordinator who acts as the liaison between the chapter and the foundation.

Do you want to start a SOI Foundation Alumni Chapter in your area, or wondering if there already is one? Ask us!

Digital Networking


Online, our alumni base is connected via a private Facebook group where photos, travel recommendations, news, and opportunities are spread by group members. This active forum is home to alumni and staff from around the world. For more professional communication, the SOI Foundation Alumni LinkedIn group allows alumni to read about others professional education, career experience and to endorse one another for skills.

MySOI Portal

Q2 2017

In it’s final stages of development, the MySOI portal is a connectivity hub for all SOI Foundation alumni. Populated with contact information from our databases, this platform hosts individual alumni profiles that allows alumni to reach out to educators and students from past years for mentorship and other opportunities. The portal will also feature an interactive map showing the locations around the world of our alumni.


Staying Engaged

SOI Foundation is a hub of activity for alumni wanting to apply their skills or help contribute to the larger SOI Foundation community. We provide the following spaces for alumni to develop their skills with mentorship support while contributing to meaningful projects.


Our Website houses an abundance of resources for alumni to make use of. Under Success Stories, one can read the featured Alumni Stories and Project Successes. The Stories highlight the personal and professional journeys of former SOI Foundation participants, how they’ve made a difference in their communities, and how they were impacted by the expedition experience. alumni-led project successes serve as examples of what alumni can accomplish with the support of the SOI Foundation.

Furthermore, under News & Media, alumni can stay up-to-date with current expeditions, as well as alumni-related news and announcements. The website is also where any opportunities to work with SOI Foundation would be posted, so check back often.

Alumni Council

Q2 2017

The Alumni Council will be a board of trained, engaged alumni who meet with the SOI Foundation on a regular basis to provide feedback on the direction of future initiatives for the Alumni Program. These council members will discuss issues around alumni, while acting as advocates for the alumni body as a whole, and mentoring other Alumni who are developing projects.

Polar Ambassadors


Polar Ambassadors act as spokespeople for the SOI Foundation and the polar regions. They share their experiences and takeaways from expedition with schools, community groups, and at local and international events. The Polar Ambassador program supports alumni in developing their presentation and representation skills, and then connecting them with opportunities to apply those new abilities.

Our Polar Ambassadors have gone to every Conference of the Parties (COP) event for over a decade, presented a statement at the Rio+20 Conference, and participated in the IUCN World Conservation Congress among many other international and national conferences and events. SOI Foundation alumni have presented at thousands of schools and community centres, reaching tens of thousands of students with their stories of the Arctic and Antarctic.

New Media Program


The New Media program supports the creative capacity of the alumni body by showcasing and facilitating the creation of unique multimedia centred around the polar regions. With a variety of offerings including podcasts, live streaming, filmmaking, online lectures, and digital mapping, the program has a creative outlet for all types of minds. New Media can be done in local chapter groups, between friends or in tandem with the SOI Foundation. Contact us if you want to get involved in the next New Media project or to share your ideas. Check out our latest podcast here!

Leveraging Impact

Alumni are often inspired by their expeditions to the Polar Regions to leverage their experience and knowledge into powerful impacts and projects. We help alumni develop their projects or get their dreams off the ground with platforms and programs.

Polar Catalyst

Alumni have ideas, and we want to see those dreams realized. Polar Catalyst is a crowdfunding platform created by the SOI Foundation to support initiatives that benefit the Polar Regions. Alumni who are planning projects that will make a positive change in their community can use Polar Catalyst to fundraise and make their idea a reality. The SOI Foundation supports the development of alumni projects through project development assistance and promotion in our networks.

Click on the logo below to view current alumni projects that you can support!



The SOI Foundation also helps student projects get off the ground with grant opportunities made possible by partners. The availability of funds changes every year, so be sure to check back often.

Mentorship Program


The SOI Foundation family is rich and diverse body of knowledge with a vast array of expertise and knowledge from across the polar region. For students and young professionals, forming a mentor-mentee relationship can be a powerful way to tap into this resources. The SOI Foundation helps to initiate this process by facilitating a match between a mentor-mentee and then through goal setting, strategy development and communication the pair move forward with their working relationship. All topics are welcome, including personal, professional, or project development, and in fields like science, culture, and leadership.

Internship Program


The SOI Foundation regularly hires Interns to assist with the areas of Expedition Logistics, Communications, and the Alumni Program. The Foundation values the experiential knowledge brought to the table by alumni, as they’ve lived through the pre-expedition build up, the journey itself, and transition period after returning home.
Our internship program is expanding to include opportunities at partner organizations who would support students with internships, apprenticeships, and jobs in relevant fields both pre- and post-expedition.

Alumni Stories

SOI Expeditions are just the first step in a life-long journey of discovery. Learn more about our global community of talented and diverse alumni.

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Project Successes

The SOI Foundation inspires, supports and catalyses projects and initiatives that benefit the Polar Regions. Check out some of the Foundation’s projects!

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Meet our Educators

A global team of scientists, elders, artists, musicians, historians, and industry leaders who help to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Polar Regions through cross-disciplinary learning.

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