Climate Action Cohort

Students on Ice (SOI) and Youth Climate Labs (YCL) are excited to announce the launch of our new program, The Climate Action Cohort! The Climate Action Cohort aims to bridge the gaps between policy decisions, community action and youth engagement while empowering the next generation of climate leaders! The Climate Action Cohort is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Lawson Foundation.

What is the Climate Action Cohort? 

Using a cohort-based learning model, the Climate Action Cohort will be made of 10 SOI alumni between the ages of 18 and 25 from across Canada. More than just a group of youth, this cohort will meet face-to-face as well as work at a distance over a two-year term, becoming a community of active leaders and learners as well as a support system for each other during the program.

Through team retreats, independent project implementation and attendance at COP25 (The Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework convention on Climate Change), participants will learn about climate change policy, issues and projects; learn leadership and project development skills; and be empowered and supported in the design and implementation of both personal community projects and group practices.

During an inaugural Spring Retreat, SOI and YCL will provide participants with the tools and time to create personal and group plans for the two-year term. Specifically, cohort members will focus on individual and collective learning goals; group processes, ideas and expectations; as well as activities participants plan to engage in and lead in their own communities. SOI and YCL will provide support and identify mentors as appropriate throughout the program.

The cohort will be empowered to take responsibility for their group process but are required to stay in monthly contact throughout the first year. Each participant is also required to submit monthly progress reports on their community projects and one comprehensive final project report to Students on Ice.

How to get involved in the Climate Action Cohort

First, participants must agree to a two-year term and the following responsibilities and activities:
Year One (2019):
- Participate in a 5-day kick off spring retreat in Ottawa - in the first week of May - where cohort members will build community among the cohort, deepen your understanding of climate policy, and create action plans for community projects
- Design of community action projects and implementation of the projects during the summer and fall of 2019
- Attend and participate in formal programming at the COP25 in Chile
Year Two (2020):
- Design and implement the spring retreat for an incoming cohort for 2020
- Mentor the new cohort throughout the year on their community projects and preparing them for their COP delegation experience

Next, review the eligibility criteria. Participants in the Climate Action Cohort must be: 
- Canadian or a Canadian Permanent Resident;
- Between the ages of 18 and 25;
- An SOI or Canada C3 alumni;
- Able to fully participate in all in-person retreats and the COP.

Lastly, interested youth should submit an application by Wednesday, March 6th at 11:59PM PST. Find the application here:


Please direct any questions about the Climate Action Cohort to the Alumni Program at, 819-827-3300 or +1-866-336-6423 (toll free).