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Alumni Summit

Bringing 20 years of alumni together on our largest (virtual) expedition yet!

We have an amazingly talented and diverse global alumni community that has been created over the past 20 years. We are calling out to all SOI alumni to come together to participate in our biggest virtual expedition to date.

This Summit brings members from the first expedition in 2000, all the way to those who participated in our most recent Arctic 2019 Expedition, as well as those who joined us on Canada C3. Together we want to celebrate, and reflect on, the past 20 years of SOI, and also look ahead to the future!  

We want to share some stories, learn from each other, see what alumni have been up to, share in collective reflection, and grow together into the world of tomorrow.  With the world in such a precarious place, what better time to come together virtually as a community to continue our collective journeys, using our collective knowledge as our compass. 

Together we will 

  • (re)introduce topics and themes related to environment, leadership and action 
  • (re)connect our alumni community, sparking collaboration
  • (re)inspire each other to be change-makers at home and beyond
  • (re)engage our alumni community in both individual and collective action for a sustainable tomorrow

We are calling out to alumni from across the globe to lead, share and inspire us over a multi-day virtual expedition. 

The following four themes will guide the educational journey of this virtual expedition. So sit tight, start thinking and hit the “YES I WANT TO SHARE” button to submit an idea for an activity, session, isuma workshop, or other moment to share.

  • Environmental Stewardship;

    This theme is designed to honour the impacts that we have on the nature around us, and intentions that we hold in terms of climate action. We want to offer an avenue for alumni to engage one another in the variety of roles and experiences in this space. We would love to know what inspires you to take climate action, the steps you travelled in your climate action journey, what you would have to impart to others on a similar journey, or where you see the world of tomorrow leading us and how do we get there? Or take the opportunity to speak out and share about something else related to Nature and Climate Action.

  • Leadership for Healthy Communities;

    This theme is designed to give a voice to those who are making changes large or small in their communities.  The ability to hear from them, benefit from their insight, work together to build healthy and thriving spaces, to move issues and opportunities forward, and collaborate at the local and global level. Remember that community extends beyond geographic space, and includes the social, emotional and cultural communities that we are a part of.

  • Ocean Health & the Sustainable Blue Economy;

    This theme is designed to look forward to a future where sustainable oceans and the blue economy are terms that every person will understand and value. To get there we can look at the roles or experiences that alumni hold in this space. We would love to know what continues to inspire the journey for alumni; what journey they have travelled to get to where they are today, what information might be important to impart with others who are entering this space, or starting a similar journey.

  • Connect, Share and Celebrate;

    This theme is designed to reconnect with the meaning, people and purpose that brought you to Students on Ice and the C3 Expedition. We want to honour our past and celebrate 20 years together.  This space is meant to focus on shared experiences, reflection and moments in time that changed us individually and collectively.

We also encourage submissions that are led or co-led by SOI alumni youth (14-30 approx).

We encourage submissions that acknowledge or center equity and justice within the content themes mentioned above.



It’s time to dust off your jacket, touque and lanyard! Registration will officially open on October 27, 2020. Keep your eyes peeled for your digital Orientation Package so you know exactly what to ‘pack’.

Want to volunteer?

Because flexibility is the key, we need volunteers to help us steer the ship! Roles could include: panel moderator, note taker, discussion facilitator, and more! More details to come during registration.


Have questions about the event / the submissions / want to share something with us. Then please reach out to alumni@studentsonice.com and we will get back to you 🙂


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