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Northern Pre-Program Day 1: SOI ARCTIC 2017

Today was the official launch of the Northern Pre-Program and SOI was excited to welcome 42 youth from all Inuit Regions of Canada, Greenland and Alaska to join the program. The students gathered at Nunavut Sivunkiksavut to participate in a day of workshops, discussions and an afternoon of singing and Inuit Games in the park.

Tomorrow is day two of the Northern Pre-Program, which will welcome more sharing, a feast lunch and learning about throat singing.

Today we were pleased to welcome two students who arrived from the Federated States of Micronesia! Many other students from across the country and around the world will also be joining us in Ottawa tomorrow.

Below we’ve included a couple blogs from some of our early arrival students as they ventured into the beginning of their journey.

Students participating in the Inuit Blanket Toss

Andy and Jamie share in a laugh during morning icebreakers.

Max Schiller

It is the first day of our Students on Ice program. I arrived at 5pm from Montreal after a short drive, so far in the first hour of camp I got my Canada Goose Jacket, a tee-shirt, and a bag with stuff I am going to need on the trip. Also I got to see the room I will be staying in for the next few days and it is pretty nice. My experience so far at Students on Ice is awesome, everyone is very friendly, I am looking forward to this awesome experience.

Students discuss similarities and difference in phrases from their homes across the North.

Tanis Niditchie shares a smile with fellow participants.

Kimberly Pilgrim

Today is my first day of the amazing experience that will be my Students on Ice Arctic Expedition! I arrived from St. John’s, NL, not too long ago. We got our swag bags and found our rooms. So far, I am having a lot of fun.I got to reconnect with my good friend Veronica I have only seen once in the past 6 years!!! Ottawa is a beautiful city from what I’ve seen thus far. Thankfully, it is not scorching hot today, as a huge selling point for me to apply to this awesome expedition was I’d be getting away from the summer heat! I am so excited to meet the students arriving tonight and getting to know the other students who are already here. I have very high hopes for this expedition and I know I won’t be let down, the staff are super nice! I am so thankful I’ve been sponsored to be here with these great people for the next 3 weeks. We are having a pizza party shortly which will be great after a day of travel. On the plane ride here I looked through the pre-reading package again which just elevated my excitement for seeing the wildlife and embracing my Inuit culture!

We will posting blogs from our students and staff every day of expedition as well as updating this page. Stay tuned!

Savanna Moore looks on during programming at Nunavut Sivuniksavut.

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