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Northern Pre-Program Day 2: SOI ARCTIC 2017

Day two of the Northern Pre-Program was filled with moments of confidence building, sharing and coming together. With all of the students from Alaska, Greenland and the Canadian Arctic officially joining us in Ottawa, our northern family was all together. Students participated in a workshop hosted by two SOI and Nunavut Sivuniksavut (NS) alumni in the morning and were treated by the NS staff team to a feast lunch which included Arctic char! Yum!

Slicing Arctic char with an ulu during a feast lunch.

The afternoon featured a workshop with NS staff member and SOI expedition counsellor, Lyn Williams-Keeler, about personal transformation – a lesson that these students will carry on board the ship to share.

Matilita and Qullik cook up some Arctic char during a feast lunch

Today was also our Grand Arrival day, meaning students from all across the world began to join us in Ottawa for the August 8th expedition launch. While our staff team of over 80 talented individuals met for a briefing, the students enjoyed an evening of Inuit games and square dancing at the University of Ottawa under the setting summer sun.

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