Meet 5 Students from the 2013 Antarctic Expedition

During the 2013 Antarctic Expedition, five students participated in a fun exercise with one of SOI’s partners, Canada Goose. Check out their amazing illustrated journals below and follow the expedition through the eyes of Katey, Blair, Candice, Jasmine, and Kayla.


(c) Students on Ice / Mike Beedell











Candice  –  Iqaluit, Nunavut

“This trip has been amazing. I have seen everything I dreamed of seeing plus much more…”




Blair – Denver, Iowa

“On the trip so far, I feel like I’ve developed a further understanding of how the ecosystem is connected…”




Jasmine – Ottawa, Ontario

“This trip has been life changing for me. Each day I have experienced new situations that have shifted my perspectives on life…”

JClancy_P01 JClancy_J01


Katey – Kamloops, BC

“There is no other word to describe this experience than epic. The group of people we have here is incredibly unique, people with all kinds of backgrounds and experiences coming together to learn from one another and appreciate this beautiful continent…”






Kayla – Toronto, Ontario

“I knew as soon as I heard the great news that I was going on the Students on Ice expedition that I would be in for an adventure and that has certainly been true…”

KGreenberg_P01 KGreenberg_J01





Snow or Sun? Polar bear or Penguin? Toque or Beanie? Check out this Canada Goose blog post and get to know our expeditioners!




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