Inuk in Paris

Robert Comeau in Paris

Robert Comeau is an alumni of SOI’s 2015 Arctic Expedition, a proud Inuk, and actively involved in representing the youth voice on issues affecting the Arctic and its people.

We look forward to sharing Rob’s journey at COP21 in Paris as he shares his perspective on the Arctic, the challenges and opportunities facing this region and engages with youth and leaders from around the world on solutions for a better future.

In addition to an ambassador for Students on Ice, Robert is also a member of the Youth Arctic Coalition, an independent global forum for youth to voice their opinions, make collaborative decisions and declarations, and work to influence the course of Arctic governance.

Check back for updates from #InukinParis

SOI is thrilled to announce that Rob is one of several SOI alumni participating at COP21! Check out how our other alumni are engaged in this very importance event with our SOI Alumni at COP21 blog post.



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SOI alumni Gerrit Wesselink and Robert Comeau in Paris for COP21


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