Fun facts about the SOI Antarctic 2014 students!

On Monday we introduced some of the students joining SOI’s upcoming Antarctic expedition and they told us about their hometowns. Today we’re following up with some interesting facts about this diverse group of youth, coming from Kuujjuuaq in Canada’s north, all the way to India!


 Tell us some fun facts about yourself!



” I am a member of the advance rock climbing team of The Rock Club in New Rochelle, NY”

~Max Markowitz



“Up until now the coolest thing about me has been that I am going to the Antarctic over the Christmas break, but I guess we are all going to be in the same boat when it comes to that (literally). Well I guess you could say I love cheesy puns, but other than that, up until recently I did competitive highland dancing! Now I teach Kindernastics, which is basically gymnastics for 2-5 year olds, and hence know ALL the lyrics from most Disney songs.”

~Alissa Sallans



“I have previously swam in the Arctic Ocean in northern Norway and by swimming in Antarctica, I would have swam in both the extreme oceans: Arctic and Antarctic.”

~Zareen Cheema



“An interesting fact about myself is that I haven’t lived in Glenview my entire life. In fact, I haven’t lived in the U.S. my entire life. From the age of 5-10 (2003-2008) I my family and I lived in Tokyo, Japan. My Dad’s work had us move out there to set up new offices in Asia for his company. It’s been 6 years since we moved back, but I still remember how to count in Japanese!”

~Matthew Peterson



“I love sewing and can make my own clothes.”

~Matilda Kooktook



“I kinda really like to paint and eat peanut butter…”

~Eva Wu



” I play sports most of all I love hockey :)”

~Rose Emak



“An interesting fact about me is that I will only need one more continent to have all 7 down.”

~Brandan Wade



Well, I have two. My favourite band is Rush, a Canadian rock trio from the 1970s. It’s very amusing to see me fanboy over a group of 60 year olds singing in metaphors about philosophical/social issues. Also, I can recite the entire periodic table!”

~Robert Adragna


“I tend to wear shorts in the winter.”




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