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Facing Rapid Change in the Arctic

Center for Climate and Life: Columbia University

September, 15, 2016

The Arctic, home to nearly four million people, is warming twice as fast as the lower latitudes, but the human face of this change is often hard to see. Rising sea levels, thawing permafrost and disappearing sea ice are abstract concepts for people living in the global south, as are the ways in which they alter people’s lives.

It can be challenging for researchers studying these issues to see climate change on a human scale as well. Scientists often spend more time at their desks than in the field; those who go on expeditions related to climate research may find themselves working far from the communities and people already being affected by Earth’s warming temperatures.

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Two Richmond Hill youth witness climate change in Arctic

Richmond Hill Liberal

August, 29, 2016

Meera Chopra and Ushpreet Mehta, both of Richmond Hill, were two of 120 students selected to head to the Arctic on an expedition with Students On Ice aboard the Ocean Endeavour.

The trip, lasting two weeks, aimed to teach youth about climate change in the polar regions, as well as about the northern populations and culture.

Starting off in the beautiful Torngat Mountains in northern Labrador, the young leaders then travelled the icy coast of Baffin Island, where they spotted 11 polar bears in their natural habitat, before concluding the trip in the glaciers of Western Greenland on Aug. 5.

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Surrey teen says two-week Arctic expedition was ‘life changing’

Surrey Now

By: Amy Reid

August, 28, 2016

SURREY — A Seaquam Secondary student was one of only 120 students in the world who explored the Arctic this summer with Students on Ice.

“It’s one thing to learn about these issues and read about the issues but when you go to the environment you feel everything there,” Abhayjeet Sachal, 14, told the Now. “Humans act on what they feel, not on what they know. So the expedition gave me that chance to delve into this passion of mine.”

Students on Ice began 16 years ago and since then more than 2,500 students and educators from 52 countries have participated in the journeys in an effort to bridge cultures and understanding with young from around the globe.

More than 80 per cent of students are fully funded to participate, thanks to public and private sponsors. Abhayjeet received a $12,000 scholarship from the U.S. embassy to cover most of the trip’s costs. He applied after his brother saw a post on Facebook about entering for the trip.

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Arctic expedition helps P.E.I. teen’s desire for environmental work

Truro Daily News

By: Jim Day

August, 25, 2016

KINGSTON, P.E.I., – Julia Richardson leans on the word “awesome” several times while talking about her magnificent Arctic expedition.

“There are not a lot of words to do it justice,’’ she says.

“It was definitely life-changing.’’

Richardson, 18, of Kingston, P.E.I., recently completed a truly awe-inspiring one-week trip with Students on Ice, a group established in 2000 to educate the world’s youth about the importance of the polar regions, to support their continued growth and to inspire initiatives that contribute to global sustainability.

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Teen's Arctic adventure: Glaciers, polar bears and more

Staten Island Live

By: Annalise Knudson

August, 23, 2016

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — For 16-year-old Patrick Perrigo, the opportunity to travel to the Arctic was something he could not pass up.

Perrigo, of Bulls Head, left for his journey — part of the Students on Ice Arctic Expedition — on July 21 and returned home Aug. 5.

During his two-week adventure, he traveled to the Eastern Canadian Arctic, Baffin Island and Greenland, where he encountered different cultures and wildlife.

“The trip was excellent and I really enjoyed going on it,” Perrigo said. “I was really happy I decided to go on the trip.”

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All aboard for the Polar Arctic Express

Brooklyn Daily

By: Joanna DelBuono

August, 18, 2016

Baby it’s cold out there! Sending warm welcome homes to borough daughter, high school student Angela Zeng.

Our intrepid traveller was only one of 120 students from around the world who had the opportunity to explore the Arctic with Students on Ice as part of an educational initiative to connect youth to the challenges facing the Arctic and inspire them as leaders in their communities and countries.

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Q&A Fred Roots: Canada's 'greatest living explorer'

Ottawa Citizen

By: Blair Crawford

August, 13, 2016

Fred Roots has been called Canada’s greatest living explorer, who, at age 94, has just returned from another Arctic expedition, this time with Students on Ice, an organization he helped found 16 years ago.

Roots was born in Salmon Arm, B.C., but grew up in Banff where he spent his childhood scrambling up, down and around the Rocky Mountains. He studied geological engineering at the University of British Columbia. After getting his PhD from Princeton, he joined Britain’s Scott Polar Research Institute and was chief geologist on a three-year international expedition to Antarctica that found the first evidence of the global phenomena we now know as climate change.

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Shelby County student visits the Arctic

Memphis News Channel 3: Live at 9

By: Nancy B. Allen

August, 10, 2016

Shelby County students are back at school this week.

But one Memphis teen has just had a learning experience of a lifetime, and not in a classroom.

Malcolm Ford just returned a few days ago from the Arctic!

Malcolm was one of just 120 students worldwide chosen for the Students on Ice Program.

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Hatter joins Students on Ice for Arctic expedition

Medicine Hat News

By: Peggy Revell

August, 10, 2016

Science, the fragile state of the ecosystem, nature and amazing sights — it was all part of a young Hatter’s experience participating in the Students on Ice program, which takes youth to see the Arctic.

“All in all, it was spectacular,” said Jasveen Brar, who is studying science at the University of Dalhousie in Halifax, and was one of 120 students from around the world selected for the recent 15-day expedition on the MS Ocean Endeavour that travelled through northern Canada and Greenland.

The first day of the trip, while still in Ottawa, students had a surprise visit from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — an alumnus of the program.

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Castlegar student on Arctic expedition

Castlegar News

By: Betsy Kline

August, 07, 2016

Castlegar student Claire Sutherland is off on a journey of a life time. The grade 12 Stanley Humphries student is exploring the Arctic with Students on Ice (SOI).

On July 21, a group of more than 100 high school and university students from across Canada and around the world gathered in Ottawa to begin the two-week expedition to the Canadian Arctic and Greenland. They are led by an expert team made up of 80 scientists, artists, Inuit leaders, dignitaries and polar explorers.

Organizers hope to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the Arctic through hands-on learning in science, history, culture, arts, policy and governance. Key educational themes include climate change, marine protected areas, Truth and Reconciliation and youth engagement.

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Journey to the Arctic

The Texas Monitor

By: Daniel A. Flores

August, 07, 2016

Pharr resident Florin Najera stood outside the ship at the tail end of a two-week trip to where the Arctic Circle begins. She was one of more than 100 selected for Students on Ice, an educational expedition led by

80 scientists, artists, Inuit leaders and explorers.

“I’m looking at the mountains of Greenland. We are sailing away, and in the very far distance is the Greenland ice cap, the second largest in the world,” said Najera Wednesday via a satellite phone. “It’s still unbelievable to be here. I’m still astonished everyday by what we see here.”

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Students on Ice Return Home

U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Canada

By: U.S. Embassy in Ottawa

August, 05, 2016

At a breakfast honoring Students on Ice as they returned from their Summer 2016 Arctic tour, United States Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman told the assembled youth about the new role they were now fulfilling.

“You are all ambassadors for the Arctic,” he said, to more than 100 young people who had gathered from across Canada and nearly a dozen other countries.

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Students on Ice – Youth exploring the challenges facing the arctic (videos)

Ice News - News from the Nordics

By: G. Hauksdóttir

August, 02, 2016

Three Greenlandic students are among only 120 students from around the world currently exploring the Arctic with Students on Ice as part of an educational initiative to connect youth to the challenges facing the Arctic and inspire them as leaders in their communities and countries. They are Linda Kristiansen, Nuuk, Gia Lundblad, Sisimiut and Pilunnguaq Karlsen, Upernavik.

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What you read on from July 24 to July 31

Nunatsiaq Online

August, 02, 2016

Among the past week’s most popular photos on the Nunatsiaq News Facebook page: National Inuit Youth Council President Maatalii Okalik reads through the names of the former residents of Hebron, an Inuit village and former Moravian mission in Labrador, where the 2016 Students on Ice group spent the day July 27.

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Lewisporte youth embarking on Arctic expedition

The Lewisporte Pilot

By: Cory Hurley

July, 25, 2016

For somebody as immersed in outdoor activities as Lewisporte’s Blake Russell, a chance to explore the arctic and its unique environment is like a calling.

The 16-year-old answered that call by applying to be one of 120 high school and university students to participate in Students on Ice 2016 Arctic Expedition.

It was pure joy when he received a full $12,000 scholarship to make it happen.

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Une Gaspésienne au pays des glaces

CBC Radio - Canada

By: Joane Bérubé

July, 22, 2016

Catherine Miousse fera partie d’un groupe de gens d’une douzaine de pays, 200 personnes au total, dont environ la moitié en provenance du Canada qui partiront découvrir les communautés autochtones de l’Arctique.

Directrice générale par intérim de la Fondation communautaire de la Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Catherine Miousse a reçu l’invitation en juin dernier. Elle sera l’unique Gaspésienne du voyage. « Hier, on a fait le drapeau humain pour voir où était situé par rapport à ceux qui nous entoure et j’étais pas mal seule dans mon petit coin », raconte Mme Miousse qui a rejoint le groupe d’expédition pour deux jours de préparation à Ottawa.

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Students on Ice offers a cool summer adventure

CTV Ottawa

By: Eric Longley

July, 22, 2016

Ten high school students from Ottawa and Gatineau are packing their bags and heading to the Arctic, part of a Gatineau-based program called Students on Ice.

“I’m very nervous. At the same time very excited,” says Saa Mer Ree. The 17-year-old Ottawa student is a new Canadian, originally from Thailand. Now she’s heading to a region of her adopted country that few Canadians ever get to see. “Learning more about climate change and how it affects polar bears, and also learning more about the Inuit people.”

Students on Ice is an education and adventure foundation that has been taking students to the Arctic and Antarctic for 17 years. “It’s a life-changing experience,” says founder, Executive Director, and expedition leader Geoff Green. “We use the polar regions, in this case the Arctic, as the greatest classroom in the world.”

The Arctic trip includes a flight from Ottawa to Iqaluit for a two-week ship excursion from Baffin Island to northern Labrador to the west coast of Greenland.

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Hanwell student heading to Arctic for international study program

The Fredericton Fox - Radio

July, 21, 2016

While many of us think about heading south during the summer months, a Hanwell teen is preparing to head north – to the Arctic.

Michael Powell is one of 120 students taking part in an international study program called Students on Ice.

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North Delta student awarded scholarship to explore the Arctic

The Surrey Leader

By: Frank Bucholtz - North Delta Reporter

July, 21, 2016

Abhayjeet Sachal is beginning his exploration of the Arctic this week, as part of a group of 120 students taking part in Students On Ice.

The Grade 10 Seaquam Secondary student will join students from various parts of the world in an intensive learning experience.

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Staten Island teen prepares to embark on Arctic expedition

Staten Island Live (

By: Annalise Knudson

July, 20, 2016

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — It’s not every day that a 16-year-old gets the opportunity to travel to remote regions.

But Patrick Perrigo is getting ready to set sail on an Arctic expedition with 120 other students from around the world.

Perrigo, from Bulls Head, leaves for his journey as part of the Students on Ice Arctic Expedition on Thursday, and is scheduled to return home on Aug. 5, after traveling to the Eastern Canadian Arctic, Baffin Island and Greenland.

Guided by a team of 80 staff members, including scientists, elders, artists and educators, Perrigo will learn about the impacts of climate change, the importance of ocean conversation and the importance the Arctic has on our entire world and society.

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Have an ice time

Press Reader

By: Vinita Singla and Natalie Musumeci

July, 20, 2016

A Brooklyn teen’s summer is about to get cool.

Angela Zeng, 18, of Bensonhurst is gearing up for a once-in-a-lifetime, two-week educational expedition into the Arctic.

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Brooklyn high school graduate wins trip to the Arctic

New York Daily News

By: Stephen Rex Brown and Chelsia Rose Marcius

July, 19, 2016

A Brooklyn student was awarded a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Arctic Tuesday thanks to her red-hot grades.

Angela Zeng, 18, of Bensonhurst, is one of only 100 high school and college students from around the world — including four others from the Big Apple — who scored a spot on the Students on Ice Arctic Expedition 2016.

Zeng will travel to the northernmost reaches of the world to study the importance of the Earth’s polar regions for the environment of the world over.

“Global pollution is still a huge issue within society. I hope that going on this trip … will help me sort of figure out a way to combat this issue,” Zeng said.

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Hanwell student sailing to Arctic on educational expedition

CBC News: New Brunswick

By: Shaun Waters

July, 09, 2016

Like most students, Michael Powell of Hanwell wants to chill out a bit this summer. Except in his case he’s really taking it seriously.

The 16-year-old, Grade 12 student at Fredericton High School is heading to the Arctic aboard the northern cruise ship Ocean Endeavour.

Powell was selected to take part in an international study program called Students on Ice.

He will be one of 120 students and 80 educators from around the world leaving for an expedition that will travel from the shores of Northern Quebec to western Greenland.

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Indo-Canadian Student From Surrey Selected For Arctic Expedition

South Asian Link

July, 09, 2016

A 14-year-old Indo-Canadian student has been selected to take part in the prestigious ‘Students on Ice Arctic Expedition’.

Beginning July 21, Abhayjeet Singh Sachal, the son of local Punjabi broadcaster and realtor Harpreet Singh, will travel along with a team of over a 100 high-school and university students from around the world. The expedition, which will take them to the eastern Canadian Arctic and western Greenland, will continue up to August 5.

Sachal also received $11,900 scholarship from the US Embassy for the expedition.

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Indo-Canadian Sikh student selected for Arctic expedition

Times of India

July, 08, 2016

A 14-year-old Indo-Canadian Sikh student has been selected to take part in the prestigious “Students on Ice Arctic Expedition”, media reported. Beginning July 21, Abhayjeet Singh Sachal will travel along with a team of more than 100 high-school and university students from around the world to the eastern Canadian Arctic and westernGreenland, in an expedition which will continue up to August 5.

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Indo-Canadian teen to go on Arctic expedition

The Hindu

July, 08, 2016

A 14-year-old Indo-Canadian Sikh student has been selected to take part in the prestigious ‘Students on Ice Arctic Expedition’..

Beginning July 21, Abhayjeet Singh Sachal will travel along with a team of more than 100 high-school and university students from around the world to the eastern Canadian Arctic and western Greenland, in an expedition which will continue up to August 5.

Mr. Sachal was also conferred $11,900 scholarship from the U.S. Embassy for the expedition, reported this week.

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Indo-Canadian selected for Arctic expedition

The Chandigarh Tribune

July, 08, 2016

A 14-year-old Indo-Canadian Sikh student has been selected to take part in the prestigious “Students on Ice Arctic Expedition”. Beginning July 21, Abhayjeet Singh Sachal will travel along with a team of more than 100 high-school and university students from around the world to the eastern Canadian Arctic and western Greenland, in an expedition which will continue up to August 5. He studies in British Columbia. Students on Ice (SOI), which began nearly 16 years ago, is a foundation that educates the world’s youth about the importance of the polar regions.— IANS

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Tri-Coloured Heron and Students on Ice

CBC Radio New Brunswick: Shift

By: Alain Clavette

July, 08, 2016

Garry Donaldson is the Manager of Migratory Birds & Habitat Conservation for the Canadian Wildlife Service. He speaks to CBC Radio about his experience educating youth about Arctic wildlife on SOI’s expeditions for the past 10 years. Interview begins around 3:35.

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Live from the Arctic, Coming to TPL Teens Summer Edition

Toronto Public Library

By: Robert Adragna

July, 06, 2016

Are you excited yet? It’s summer, a whole two months to take it easy, catch up on reading and enjoy, finally, the 30 degree weather. Sounds good to me!

Just to introduce myself, my name is Robert Adragna and I am a 17-year-old student/TPL volunteer from Toronto. My passion is experiencing life to its fullest, adventurously trying to push the boundaries of our everyday existence.

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You can help send Richmond Hill student to the Arctic

Metroland Media: York Region

July, 04, 2016

A Richmond Hill student will spend part of her summer on the Arctic ice.

Queen’s University student Ushpreet Mehta has been accepted into an international youth education program in the Arctic to learn about the global importance of the Polar regions and to become educated, inspired and empowered as a young leader.

GoFundMe link:

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Abhayjeet Singh Sachal of Delta’s Seaquam Secondary School selected for prestigious Students on Ice Arctic Expedition

The Indo-Canadian Voice - The Voice Online

By: Rattan Mall

July, 04, 2016

Abhayjeet Singh Sachal, 14, of Surrey will be joining the Students on Ice Arctic Expedition from July 21 to August 5, 2016. He received a full $11,900 scholarship from the US Embassy to take part in the expedition.

“This expedition will allow me to explore my passion for learning about the dynamics about climate change, delve into my passion for scientific research, and will give me an adventure of a lifetime. Upon my return, I will share my knowledge with the community in order to implement the changes that we need,” Abhayjeet, who is going to be a Grade 10 student at Delta’s Seaquam Secondary School, noted.

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Investing in the Next Generation of R&D Leaders

Government of Newfoundland & Labrador website

By: Research & Development Canada

May, 26, 2016

RDC Awards Students with Research Inspired Enrichment Opportunities

Fifteen Newfoundland and Labrador high school students will spend this summer at research-related enrichment programs across North America and the Arctic through the Research Inspired Student Enrichment (RISE) Awards announced last night by the Research & Development Corporation (RDC). The awards range in value from $6,500 to $15,000 and are presented to students who demonstrate academic excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

RISE Award winners will attend one of three enrichment programs: the Research Science Institute based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; the Da Vinci Engineering Enrichment Program at the University of Toronto; or Students on Ice, which takes students and researchers on a ship-and land-based expedition through the Arctic.


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Leaving for the Arctic

Making Change Now (blog)

By: Bilaal Rajan

May, 11, 2016

I’m very excited to say that I’m leaving for theArctic tomorrow on a two-week scientific expedition called Students on Ice, which will have 75 students and 30 scientists leave for the far North to learn about the environmental impact that climate change is having on the Arctic.

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Exciting expedition

The Labradorian

March, 28, 2016

Almost 200 educators and students from around the world will be travelling to the Arctic this summer to learn more about the north and its people.
Students on Ice is a not-for-profit charitable organization that takes participants to the Arctic in the summer and the Antarctic in the winter and they’re looking for some interested people from the area. The expedition will take place from July 21 to Aug. 5.

According to Caitlyn Baikie, manager of Arctic Students and Partnership Program for Students on Ice, the purpose of the expedition is to expose youth to the poles at an age that will have a lasting impact on them.

“We hope they will become ambassadors in their home communities, regions and countries,” she said. “We find that it is a transformative experience for these youth and carries with them for the rest of their lives. It’s really emotional for a lot of people and getting to meet people from the Arctic, walking in the steps of Inuit ancestors, it’s amazing, there’s no other word for it. It’s transformative.”

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"Students On Ice" Opportunity Knocks for Bioscience Students to do Research at the North or South Pole

Taylor's University

January, 28, 2016

A recent visit to Taylor’s University by a Professor from the British Antarctic Survey opens the door to students interested in doing scientific research projects as part of “Student on Ice” initiative.

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Call for Applications: Students on Ice Aboriginal Artist Residency

Aboriginal Curatorial Collective

June, 15, 2016

Canadian visual and performing artists of Inuit, Métis and First Nations descent are invited to apply to take part in the Students on Ice (SOI) Aboriginal Artist Residency (AAR), which will take place during SOI’s 2016 Arctic Expedition this summer from July 21 to August 5th, 2016.

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Students On Ice - 2016 Arctic Educational Expedition

Sultan Mizan Antarctic Research Foundation

April, 19, 2016

About SOI and call for student and staff applications!

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Students on Ice 2016

Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco

January, 29, 2016

Dans le cadre de l’édition 2016 du programme “Students on Ice”, la Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco et la Direction de l’Education Nationale, de la Jeunesse et des Sports, ont proposé aux élèves des classes de Première d’enseignement général, d’assister à une projection et à une conférence sur les régions du monde où l’environnement est en danger. Le lancement de cette nouvelle édition a permis au photographe Joe Bunni, fondateur de l’association « S.O.S. Océans », de partager avec les élèves sa passion pour le monde aquatique et de présenter son reportage intitulé « + ou – 5 mètres : pister l’ours polaire ».

Ce temps de rencontre s’est déroulé le 29 janvier 2016 au Lycée Technique et Hôtelier de Monaco, en présence de S.A.S. le Prince Albert II. Rappelons que l’objectif du programme «  Students on Ice » répond aux vœux du Prince Souverain de promouvoir l’éducation au Développement Durable auprès de la Jeunesse de la Principauté.

Frédérika Giorcelli, élève de Terminale S au Lycée Albert 1er et Justin Sargenti, élève de Terminale S au Lycée François d’Assise – Nicolas Barré sont les deux lauréats de l’édition 2015 du Concours “Students on Ice”.

Lors du lancement de l’édition 2016 de ce concours, ils ont pu présenter le reportage qu’ils ont réalisé en août dernier afin de sensibiliser leurs camarades à la dégradation du monde de l’Arctique.

Deux nouveaux élèves partiront en 2016 en Arctique pour une mission scientifique consacrée à la protection de l’environnement et travailleront plus particulièrement sur le thème de « l’engagement ».

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