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Media & Fundraising

Engage your community!

If you are fundraising to participate in the expedition, we provide you with a Fundraising Toolkit. Be sure to read this document carefully for advice on fundraising, rules for donations, a financial outline, and more.

A Sample Gear Donation Letter is included in the Fundraising Toolkit if you are interested in petitioning businesses to donate winter clothing or other gear and equipment to help your participation in the expedition.

Our 2015 Arctic Media Toolkit will help you get ready to talk to local news and other media outlets who would be interested in hearing about your upcoming journey. Talking to the media can help with your fundraising or gear donation efforts. This is also how we get the word out about Students on Ice expeditions, and it can be an exciting way to share your story with your community.

Expedition Website, Blogging & Journaling

This expedition website will be your only means of communication with home during your time in the Arctic. You will NOT have access to the internet nor phone service; not your email account, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube while you are on the ship. Your friends and family should check this website regularly for Expedition Leader updates, photos, videos and to read your journal entries posted throughout the expedition!

A small ‘computer lab’ will be set up on board the ship and all passengers will have the opportunity every day to blog. Your blog entries are then sent back to the SOI main office via satellite and posted on the expedition website for friends and family to read.

Students on Ice will provide you with an expedition journal and you are encouraged to record your thoughts, feelings, ideas and questions throughout the expedition. Start your journal beforehand as you prepare and research. Information will be provided about our Education Program and there will also be an Arctic Reading Pack provided to you to help you prepare. Begin by considering why you became involved in Students on Ice. What do you hope to learn on the expedition? What do you think will be challenging?

2015 Arctic Blog

Follow the latest adventures and stories from the students and staff aboard the 2015 Arctic expedition to Western Greenland and the Eastern Canadian Arctic.

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Meet our Educators

A global team of scientists, elders, artists, musicians, historians, and industry leaders who help to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Polar Regions through cross-disciplinary learning.

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Alumni Stories

SOI Expeditions are just the first step in a life-long journey of discovery. Learn more about our global community of talented and diverse alumni.

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