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Student passions awakened by one visit to this Arctic paradise


By: Jessica Park

May, 17, 2016

Lancaster Sound is a remote treasure in Canada’s Far North, cradled between Baffin and Devon islands at the eastern mouth of the fabled Northwest Passage. Given the location, few make the trip. But when they do, the desire to protect this unique ecosystem is awakened. This is what happened with 42 Aboriginal students from Canada’s Northern communities and 70 students from around the world who ventured through the Sound with Students on Ice, a group that provides education youth expeditions in the polar regions.

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Student’s Arctic Trip Emphasizes Need for Climate Law

Yale Law School

February, 08, 2016

In July and August of 2015, Joanna Dafoe ’17 JD/MBA joined a Students on Ice trip as a member of the staff during a trip to the Arctic regions of Greenland and Canada. Students on Ice is a foundation that educates young people about the importance of the polar regions. Dafoe’s role was to share perspectives on climate change law and policy, including the status of international climate change negotiations and opportunities for young people to meaningfully engage with policy back home.

We asked Dafoe to tell us more about her experience.

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Sailing Classroom: A journey of mutual respect

Above & Beyond Magazine

By: Students on Ice and contributing writers

December, 28, 2015

This past summer, Students on Ice (SOI) embarked on its 15th annual Arctic Expedition aboard their floating classroom, the Ocean Endeavour, sailing through ice-covered waters on a life-altering journey from Greenland to Canada’s High Arctic.

The expedition brought together 115 students from 18 countries, including 40 Indigenous youth. They not only observed polar bears, but also considered the changes to their habitat from global warming. They saw the history of changes in landscape, naturally and human-induced; compared the different cultural and political experiences of people in Greenland and Arctic Canada; bridged the understanding and perspectives of Northern and Southern Canadians; and so much more.

Globally acclaimed as a leader in polar education and youth engagement, SOI has developed an alumnus of more than 2,500 students, continuing scholars and young professionals who have a breadth of knowledge; a sense of values and awareness of human and natural differences; an appreciation of the natural, planetary, and political world and their place in it; and an energy to do something worthwhile that they freely admit owes much to the inspiration and experience of SOI. The impacts of the SOI program and its alumni are being noted in cultural, commercial, educational, legal, political, as well as academic and scientific domains.

The following four perspectives were shared by SOI participants — Justin Fisch of Montreal, Udlu Hanson of Iqaluit, Robert Comeau of Iqaluit, and Cree/Metis artist Jaime Koebel of Ottawa — reflecting on their experiences and the impact of their SOI journey.

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An Interview with Rebecca Hagos, Participant in Students on Ice

National Student Network

By: Shivani Mysuria

December, 20, 2015

This term, I had the pleasure of interviewing a TD Scholarship winner and Students on Ice participant, Rebecca Hagos. Rebecca is an active member of the community and is very passionate about social and environmental change. In this interview, Rebecca shares her experience about going to Greenland through the Students on Ice program.

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15th Students on Ice Arctic Expedition


November, 27, 2015

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Students on Ice expeditions, the 2015 adventure was a concrete and priceless experience for the youth to expand their knowledge of the world, fostering a new understanding of global issues such as climate change, as well as winning the inspiration and motivation necessary to help us work towards a sustainable and healthy future.

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Fort Smith teen heads to High Arctic with Students on Ice

Northern Journal

By: Dali Carmichael

November, 02, 2015

Just because you’re a kid from the Northwest Territories doesn’t mean you know everything about life in the North.

That was the lesson Shawn Tourangeau, 17, took away from his Students on Ice (SOI) expedition July 27 to Aug. 10.

“There’s still a big difference for me because, coming from here, you don’t see as many of the things you see up North,” the lifelong Fort Smith resident said.

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Plants, Fossils, Stories and More: The Students on Ice 2015 Arctic Expedition

Canadian Museum of Nature

By: Paul Sokoloff and Kieran Shepherd

August, 27, 2015

The Canadian Museum of Nature and Students on Ice (SOI) have been partners in experiential education in the north from the very first expedition 15 years ago. Museum experts have been accompanying expeditions ever since, serving as educators, mentors, helpers, and occasionally even bear guards.

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Plongeon au coeur des glaciers

La Presse

By: Karine Blanchard

August, 15, 2015

(Sainte-Angèle-de-Monnoir) Étudier les changements climatiques et les observer de près aux côtés de scientifiques de renommée mondiale. Voilà l’expérience que vient de vivre Raphaël Dury lors d’un séjour en Arctique en compagnie d’une centaine d’étudiants de 18 nationalités. Un plongeon au coeur des glaciers qu’il n’est pas à la veille d’oublier.

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Student Lyric Oblin Moses speaks to CBC from the Arctic

CBC Cree Radio

By: Terrence Duff

August, 13, 2015

Arctic 2015 student Lyric Oblin Moses of Gatineau, Quebec speaks with CBC’s Cree Radio host Terrence Duff via satellite from the Arctic during SOI’s 15th Anniversary Arctic Expedition. Lyric shares highlights of the journey and what she is learning from the people of the North, the environment and the many challenges and opportunities facing the Arctic and its people.

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Students on Ice program takes kids from across the globe on Arctic tour


By: Nigel Newlove

August, 12, 2015

For 15 years – students on ice has been introducing youth from around the world to the polar regions.

This year the group visited Greenland, Pond Inlet and Resolute Bay among other communities.

The tour ended in Canada’s capital where APTN’s Nigel Newlove caught up with the group.

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Une centaine de jeunes revient à Ottawa après une expédition dans l'Arctique

Radio Canada

By: Josée Guérin

August, 10, 2015

Ce voyage était organisé par la fondation Students on Ice. Le groupe a passé une douzaine de jours à bord d’un brise-glace, avec une équipe de scientifiques. Josée Guérin avait rencontré quelques-uns des participants, à la veille de leur départ. À leur retour, ils lui ont parlé de leurs découvertes sur le plan de la nature, de l’environnement, mais aussi sociales.

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Students' Arctic adventure revealed 'a living and beautiful place'

Ottawa Citizen

By: Anaïs Voski

August, 10, 2015

More than 100 Canadian and international students lit up the Museum of Nature with their excited chatter on an otherwise quiet Monday morning, hours after returning from the Canadian Arctic.

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Hong Kong teen sails to High Arctic

South China Morning Post

August, 09, 2015

Sixteen-year-old Emi Kingan from Canadian International School has completed a two-week expedition to Canada’s High Arctic with 112 other youths from around the world

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Mississauga student on top of the world on Arctic expedition

Mississauga News

By: Jason Spencer

August, 06, 2015

It’s windy and Rebecka Ferraro is on the deck of the MS Ocean Endeavour in the Arctic Ocean.

The ship is in Nunavut and headed for Pond Inlet, an Inuit community on the shores of Baffin Island.


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Students on Ice head to High Arctic for annual expedition

CBC North

By: Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis

August, 06, 2015

More than 100 students from 18 countries are exploring the High Arctic, visiting Inuit communities along the way.


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Holy Heart student on 'Students on Ice' Arctic expedition

CBC News Newfoundland & Labrador

August, 01, 2015

A high school student from St. John’s has joined more than a hundred other students from around the world for an adventure in the Arctic.

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Two former Cheney students join expedition to Canadian Arctic

Cheney Free Press

August, 30, 2015

A pair of Cheney High School graduates will be spending part of their summer cooling off — literally.

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Richmond student blows hot and cold for polar expedition

Richmond News

By: Adrian MacNair

July, 29, 2015

A Grade 11 student from Richmond will beat the heat this summer by taking part in an international expedition to Greenland and the Canadian Arctic with a group of polar experts.

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WWF Joins Students on Ice for Voyage Through Iconic Lancaster Sound


July, 27, 2015

WWF-Canada’s Arctic program is sponsoring three students from the North to take part in this year’s land- and ship-based Arctic voyage: Ruth Kaviok, a grade 11 student from Arviat, NU; Goliah Makletzoff Cazon, a grade 12 student from Yellowknife, NT; and Domonic Iqalukjuak, a grade 10 student from Clyde River, NU.

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NWT youth cruise the far North with Students on Ice

Northern Journal

By: Dali Carmichael

July, 27, 2015

One Fort Smith high schooler will be trading part of his sunny summer in the South Slave for a two-week expedition in the High Arctic this week.

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Expedition is a family affair: Robert Comeau will join parents and grandmother as Students on Ice participant

Northern News Service

By: Casey Lessard

July, 27, 2015

It’s all in the family for Robert Comeau, who will join his mother, stepfather and grandmother on this summer’s Students on Ice (SOI) expedition from July 27 to Aug. 10.

“Students on Ice has been part of my family for probably eight years now,” Comeau said. “My stepdad (Trevor Taylor) has been to Antarctica three or four times, and to the North five times. My grandma (Ann Meekitjuk Hanson) has been, my brothers and stepbrothers have all been, so I figured, hey, 15th anniversary might be my kick at the can, and without Stantec, it wouldn’t have been possible.”

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Corner Brook youth embarking on Students on Ice expedition

The Western Star

By: Cory Hurley

July, 27, 2015

As somebody who seeks opportunities to explore cultural diversity anywhere in the world and take a leadership role in any environmental activity, Mackenzie (Mick) Jefferies feels Students on Ice was a perfect fit for him.

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Empat pelajar sertai ekspedisi ke Benua Artik

Utusan Online

By: Lukman Ismail

July, 26, 2015

Empat pelajar dan dua orang guru bagi menyertai ekpedisi pendidikan ke Benua Artik memlalui program Students On Ice: Arctic Expedition di Sama-sama hotel, di sini hari ini.

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To unge skal repræsentere Grønland på arktisk ekspedition

Sermitsiaq AG

July, 24, 2015

Malu Ostermann og Nivi Bak Hansen rejser i dag fredag ud på noget af et eventyr, når de deltager i den årlige Students On Ice-ekspedition

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Scarsdale Student Set To Explore High Arctic On Expedition

Scarsdale Daily Voice

By: Zak Failla

July, 24, 2015

A Scarsdale native stands set to join more than 100 students from around the world on a globetrotting expedition to explore the high arctic with a team of polar experts.

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South Surrey student set for 'once-in-a-lifetime' trip

Peace Arch News

By: Melissa Smalley

July, 21, 2015

Terry Wang has always been fascinated by nature.

Growing up in the densely populated city of Xiamen, China, on the country’s southeast coast, Wang would often venture to the surrounding mountains on weekends, hiking, exploring and soaking in everything the environment had to offer.

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Teachers, students selected for Arctic trip

The Star

July, 19, 2015

FOR the first time, four students and two teachers from Malay-sia will be joining the “Students On Ice” Arctic Education Expe-dition from July 27 to Aug 10.

The students had to undergo a stringent screening process, said a statement from the Sultan Mizan Antarctic Research Foundation recently.

They had to attend the Polar Science Camp in March, while the teachers were asked to table papers on their plans to raise awareness on the polar continents.
Those selected are Terengg-anu students Ahmad Amirul Farhan Zulkifli of SMK Agama Sheikh Abdul Malek, Kuala Terengganu, Nurul Izzaidah Zulkifli, of SMK Tengku Ampuan Intan, Besut, and Ashraf Hakimi Nurulfaizin and Raslan Abdul Rahman, both of Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor.

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Jonathan Lidd was looking for another adventure to tackle and he has found it

The Telegram

By: Bonnie Learning

July, 14, 2015

Lidd, along with three other students from his home community of Nain, will be joining up with over 100 other people in Ottawa later this month, to start the first leg of their Students on Ice (SOI) expedition.

“I love the outdoors, hiking, being out on the land,” said Lidd of his decision to apply for the program.

“It gives me a real connection to my ancestors.”

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Arctic 2015 Student Participant Paints Mural in Toronto

Nunatsiaq Online

By: Sarah Rogers

July, 03, 2015

Students on Ice 2015 Arctic Expedition Participant, Parr Etidloie, is with a group of youth from Nunavut visiting Toronto to paint an Arctic mural in Canada’s largest city. The trip South has also seen Parr and other youth visit Ottawa, where he will join over 190 other students and educators to prepare for SOI’s 15th Anniversary Expedition. We look forward to the art that will be shared on expedition with Parr, our educator artists including Jaime Koebel, and other students.

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Northern adventurers to teach kayak building to Students on Ice

CBC North

By: Jane Sponagle

May, 05, 2015

Young people on this summer’s Students on Ice expedition will get the chance to build traditional Inuit kayaks, with help from four Northern adventurers.

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Q is for Qajaq Live Exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Nature

CBC News

By: Our Ottawa

April, 18, 2015

SOI Alumna and CBC News Reporter, Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, meets with Eric McNair-Landry to talk about the Q is for Qajaq project. Eric will be joining SOI on the 2015 Arctic Expedition to finish building these traditional, Baffin-style “qajaqs” (kayaks) with the help of our eager crew of students. The students will be joined by Inuit elders, historians, scientists, and more to paddle the qajaqs in the Northwest Passage.

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SOI’s Alumni Program supports alumni in their continued growth and development and connects alumni with opportunities and resources.

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