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North York teen gets northern exposure with Arctic trek

North York Mirror

By: Fannie Sunshine

August, 13, 2014

As a child, Mike Ge would put his hand on the standing globe and spin it, often wondering what was up there when it would stop on the polar regions.

Part of his question was answered when Ge spent July 9 to 24 in the eastern Canadian Arctic and western Greenland as part of Students on Ice Arctic Youth Expedition.

The ship and land-based trip involved 85 international high school students aged 14 to 18, a team of 35 scientists, historians, artists, explorers, educators, innovators and polar experts, and 30 public and private sector leaders.

Ge, who said he was “blown away” when he heard about the expedition through a youth environmental leadership program last year, said there is more to the Arctic than just ice and wildlife.

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Arctic expedition provides eye-opening experience

Fairfax Times

By: Kate Yanchulls

August, 01, 2014

Talia Schmitt traded sultry summer weather for ice and snow in July as part of a student expedition to the Arctic Circle.

The 18-year-old from Fairfax traveled with Students on Ice, a program that hosts Arctic and Antarctic expeditions for students ages 14 -18, on its Arctic journey July 9-24.

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Janvier returns from Students on Ice trek

Cold Lake Sun

By: Ashley Hardwick

August, 01, 2014

Mariah Janvier has returned from her Students on Ice trip with hot-off-the-press hopes to reengage with her own culture and to encourage others to do the same.

Janvier, who was able to participate in the Arctic experience through a Stantec scholarship, was one of 86 students included on the trip, which took place from July 9 to 24.

Beginning in Ottawa, Janvier had the opportunity to mingle with her fellow students and listen to presentations and classes before flying to Greenland.

From Greenland, the students took a boat to the Hudson Strait and then the Torn Gap Mountains National Park.

They were able to visit and interact with locals in places that include, but are not limited to, Kangerlussuaq (a settlement in western Greenland), a base camp in the national park, and Nuuk, the capital of Greenland.

Students had the opportunity to meet with elders and absorb traditional knowledge about the cultures and areas they visited – something Janvier mentions as the highlight of her trip.

“It’s very different…they all speak their language and they’re all cultural still,” she said. This difference created a curiosity in Janvier to learn more of her own language, Dené.

However, Janvier wants to go further then just reconnecting with her own traditional roots.

“I want to try and motivate other youths too…‘cause…a lot of people my age…they don’t know how to speak their language and not all of them are cultural, (and) they don’t have the opportunities I have,” Janvier said.

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Arctic expedition an eye-opener for area students

Ottawa East News

By: Michelle Nash

July, 30, 2014

Immaculata High School student Michaela Norgren believes everyone should visit the Arctic at least once in their life.

“To be in places people may not have walked or experienced in 100 years, the Arctic is unique — there is no place like it,” Norgren said on July 24.

The 17-year-old Alta Vista resident had been back for just one day from what she described as the experience of a lifetime, Students on Ice.

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Two Rhode Island high school students...

Providence Journal and Times

By: Richard Salit

July, 26, 2014

Two Rhode Island high school students are just back from a trip to the Arctic as part of an international program called Students on Ice.

Mary Larcom, of East Greenwich, and Jillian Cerullo, of Scituate, received scholarships through the Beatrice Snyder Foundation to join the two-week Arctic expedition with 84 other students from around the world.

The Canadian-based voyage — led by 45 educators, scientists, artists, Inuit leaders and polar experts — brought the students to the eastern Canadian Arctic and western Greenland. The trip focused on exploration, presentations, workshops and hands-on research.

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Peel students return after life-changing voyage to the Arctic

Mississauga News

By: Nouman Khalil

July, 26, 2014

PEEL — Eight inspiring Peel students stopped in Ottawa Wednesday (July 23) after a life-changing voyage to the Arctic.

The group was part of the Students on Ice expeditions to the polar region, which aims to connect youth with nature to help them gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the ecological, cultural and political significance of the Arctic, then share their knowledge as youth ambassadors.

In total, 45 educators and 86 high school students from around the world participated in this 14th Students on Ice 2014 Arctic Expedition.

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L'Arctique: une salle de classe unique en son genre

RCI Radio Canada International

By: Anne-Marie Yvon

July, 25, 2014

Justin Fisch est comblé. Le jeune homme de 24 ans rentre d’une expédition éducative en Arctique. Avec 84 autres étudiants du Canada et de 5 autres pays (les États-Unis, le Royaume-Uni, la Chine, le Groenland et le Monaco) il participait à un cours en accéléré sur l’histoire du Grand Nord, offert par Students on Ice.

Cette organisation canadienne donne la chance à des jeunes du monde « d’acquérir les connaissances, les compétences et les perspectives nécessaires pour devenir un ambassadeur de l’Arctique et un citoyen soucieux de l’environnement.

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Students return from 'life-changing' Arctic Expedition

580 CFRA

By: Cassie Aylward

July, 24, 2014

Eighty-seven students from all over the continent returned to Ottawa yesterday after taking a trip to northern Canada and Greenland.

As part of the “Students on Ice Exhibition,” the students between the ages of 14 and 19 spent two weeks learning about Indigenous Inuit Culture and about the environment they stayed in.

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Ottawa students awed by the sights as they take on the Arctic

Ottawa Citizen

By: Samantha Wright Allen

July, 22, 2014

The fin whales were silent but for the wet breaths that sprayed from their spouts, hinting at where Michaela Norgren should look next.

It was a first for the 17-year-old. She’s one of 86 international students — including five from Ottawa — that launched from Canada’s capital en route to Greenland as part of the Students on Ice Arctic Expedition.

Crossing the Labrador Sea in the company of the world’s second-largest whales is a memory Norgren said she’ll cherish.

“I think everyone on the ship was in complete awe. It was so beautiful because these creatures are massive,” she recalled, speaking from the top deck of the ship Saturday night. “To see them coming out of the water with such beauty and grace, it’s really, really special to see.”

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Braemar teenager describes Arctic Expedition

Aberdeen Press & Journal

By: Ann-Marie Parry

July, 18, 2014

A north-east teenager is spending the school holidays thousands of miles away from home on an Arctic expedition.

Alistair Walker, from Braemar, is one of 86 young people from all over the world taking part in the Students on Ice trip with a team of scientists, historians, artists, musicians and polar experts to explore the eastern Canadian Arctic and western Greenland.

The 17-year-old recently left Aboyne Academy and applied for a place on the expedition to fulfil a life-long dream of travelling to the Arctic.

This year’s voyage began on July 9 in Ottawa, Canada, for several days of orientation then participants flew to Kuujjuaq in northern Quebec where they boarded the ship that would become their home for the next 12 days.

Speaking from the expedition vessel, as it made its way from the Torngats in Labrador to western Greenland yesterday, Alistair described his experience so far.

“The Arctic region has always been something that I have been interested in and everyday we have been taking part in workshops to study specific areas such as photography or marine biology.”

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Ottawa students 'in complete awe' on Arctic expedition

Metro Ottawa

By: Lucy Scholey

July, 17, 2014

Family bonding experiences might involve a camping trip or board game night – usually not an expedition to the Arctic.

But Ottawa students Jack Patterson and his cousin Selena Panarella are on a 12-day trip up north with their grandfather and about 90 other youth from around the world for the Students on Ice program. Almost halfway through the trip, they have so far gazed at mountains, spotted a few polar bears in the distance and watched whales leap out of the water.

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Students en route to Greenland for Arctic Adventure

The Telegram

By: Laura Howells

July, 17, 2014

A group of students from Newfoundland and Labrador is having the experience of a lifetime this summer, not in the sunshine, but in the cold winds of the Arctic.

The Students on Ice program offers educational expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica to high school students around the world. On July 9, 86 teenagers, eight of them from Newfoundland and Labrador, began a two-week expedition through the eastern Canadian Arctic and western Greenland.

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Port Coquitlam teen on Arctic Expedition to fight climate change

Vancouver News 1130

By: Joanne Abshire

July, 16, 2014

The arctic is a place not many people get to explore. One Port Coquitlam teenager got the chance of a lifetime to take a trip up north while learning about the effects of climate change. Emmanuel Tse is one of many from all over the world taking part in the program “Students on Ice.” It takes students, scientists and global learners on an expedition to Canada’s arctic and Greenland. The 17 year-old entered a contest and won, he’s one of four people from BC.

Tse says “it’s been incredible to say the least.” “We’ve seen three polar bears. We’ve seen a couple of seals, a swimming caribou. One of the important aspects of the trip is learning about the history and culture of the Inuit that live up here. I feel privilege to see their way of living,” he explains.

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Cold Lake student joins Arctic expedition

Cold Lake Sun

By: Theresa Seraphim

July, 15, 2014

Mariah Janvier is currently on the trip of a lifetime.

The Cold Lake Outreach School student, who is going into Grade 12, was selected for Students on Ice, an Arctic expedition now in its 14th year.

Geoff Green – the founder and director of the Students on Ice Foundation, and the expedition leader – said the idea behind the two-week journey is to learn about the science, culture, politics, history, and social issues of the North, or, to put it another way, “the past, the present, and the future of the Arctic.”

The schedule for the trip is jam-packed, said Green, who began the expeditions after seeing “how amazing the Arctic and Antarctic were as classrooms.”

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Q and A: Polar expert Alex Taylor discusses the lure of the North (and the south)

Ottawa Citizen

By: Blair Crawford

July, 12, 2014

Ottawa native Alex Taylor has spent more than 20 years working in and exploring the Arctic and Antarctic. He has worked as a logistician and guide for theBritish Antarctic Survey as well as the U.S. National Science Foundation, and was a safety technician for documentary film Shackleton and the Endurance Expedition.
The Citizen caught up to Taylor, 49, by email on Saturday, just hours before he headed north as a guide with the Students on Ice expedition. The 85 high school students, including five from Ottawa, will spend the next 15 days with Arctic experts voyaging to Labrador and Greenland, learning about the North and its peoples.

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Arctic journey all about awareness

The Now

By: Cindy St-Laurent

July, 11, 2014

Port Coquitlam’s Emmanuel Tse used his wits to win a spot on the Students On Ice two-week Arctic expedition – now he’ll use them to observe life in the polar landscape.

The eighteen-year-old recent graduate from Port Moody Secondary learned about the expedition from his geography teacher. He then proceeded to find out about the Expedition Arctic IQ Contest and decided he would try and win.

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Students head on Arctic Expedition

1310 News

By: Jason White

July, 11, 2014

Five Ottawa teenagers are going on the trip of a lifetime.The five are among 87 high school students from around the world who are about to spend two weeks exploring Canada’s far North and part of Greenland.The students are between the ages of 14 and 18, and will learn about Canada’s far north — and the entire planet. Josee’s in grade 10 at Rideau High School and is considering studying Climatology.

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Five Ottawa students head to the Arctic on trip of a lifetime

580 CFRA

By: Alison Sandor

July, 10, 2014

Five Ottawa teenagers are among a group of 86 students from around the globe set to explore Labrador,

They’re part of the Students on Ice Arctic Expedition, which teaches youth about the history, culture and ecological diversity of the Arctic.

Immaculata High School student Michaela Norgren is calling this the trip of a lifetime, one that will see the students live on a ship for the better part of a month, docking in Northern Quebec, Labrador and Greenland.

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Toronto students get up close with Arctic

Toronto Sun

By: Maryam Shah

July, 06, 2014

Instead of biking around his sunny, tree-lined North York cul-de-sac this summer, 15-year-old Mike Ge will play with whales in the Arctic.

It’s a bucket list item that many grown-ups will never have an opportunity to pursue — let alone teenagers.

An aspiring environmental scientist, Ge is one of 10 high school students from Toronto selected to go to sea on an Arctic expedition — from July 9-24 — led by an Ottawa company called Students On Ice.

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Exploring the Arctic

NL News

By: Danette Dooley

July, 02, 2014

Lawn student reflects on past Students on Ice trip as schoolmate prepares for upcoming expedition.

Kimberley Jarvis will soon see firsthand how global warming is affecting the environment. The recent graduate of Lawn is heading to the Arctic this month to take part in Students on Ice.Jarvis is one of over 80 youths from around the world taking part in the expedition. Seeing for yourself is much better than learning from a textbook, the 18-year-old said.

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Port Moody grad keeping cool after winning trip to Arctic

The Province

By: Frank Luba

June, 23, 2014

Wherever you’re going this summer, it’s probably not as cool as where Port Coquitlam teenager Emmanuel Tse is headed.

The 17-year-old graduate of the International Baccalaureate program at Port Moody Secondary recently won an online contest for one of 85 spots on this year’s Students on Ice trip to Canada’s eastern Arctic and western Greenland from July 9-24.

“I can’t believe I’m going,” said Tse.

Also a little surprised by the trip were his parents.

“If I recall, they were just worried about the coldness,” he said.

Port Coquitlam doesn’t exactly have a polar climate and Tse doesn’t have a lot of experience travelling to cold places.

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North River to the Northern Lights

Truro Daily News

By: Ryan Cooke

June, 18, 2014

Local student heading to Arctic for student expedition

While most university students are soaking in the sun and staying clear of anything educational, one local student is heading in the complete opposite direction.

Alison MacArthur, of North River, will be travelling to the Arctic Circle next month to take part in a 15-day student expedition. MacArthur will sail to Greenland before heading northward into the Arctic Circle. A first-year student at the Marine Institute in Newfoundland, she’ll be a team leader during the trip.

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Minister Aglukkaq Announces Support to Help put Students on Ice


April, 14, 2014

Program supports youth and Aboriginal leadership and fosters understanding and respect for the Arctic

Today, the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Canada’s Environment Minister and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, announced Parks Canada’s sponsorship of student participation in Students on Ice, an award-winning organization offering unique educational expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic. Through this unique initiative, Parks Canada is supporting youth and Aboriginal leadership development and building connections between northern and southern Canada.

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Parks Canada sponsoring northerners for Students on Ice program

Nunatsiaq News

By: Peter Varga

April, 14, 2014

Program includes a summer job and Arctic cruise

Parks Canada will sponsor a group of northern aboriginal students to join Arctic educational expeditions with Students on Ice. The Gatineau, Quebec-based organization promotes education of the Earth’s polar regions.

In a three-year agreement with Students on Ice, Parks Canada will sponsor 13 new students every year, at $150,000 yearly, to take part in a north-south Canadian exchange program, and an international Arctic expedition.

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EG Student Picked for Arctic Expedition

East Greenwich Patch

By: Mark Schieldrop

April, 24, 2014

Lincoln School Junior and EG resident Mary Larcom has been accepted into the 2014 Students on Ice Arctic Expedition

Lincoln School Junior and East Greenwich resident Mary Larcom has been accepted into the 2014 Students on Ice Arctic Expedition.

This ship-based expedition will bring together 85 youth from around the world with scientists, elders, educators, artists, musicians, CEO’s, dignitaries, journalists, authors and innovators.

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Grimsby student arctic bound

Grimsby Lincoln News

By: Amanda Moore

May, 12, 2014

Grade 9 student to spend two weeks on ship in Nunavut

Virtual face time with Canada’s most renowned environmentalist has inspired a Grimsby student to travel to the far north.

For two weeks this summer, Neha Gulati, a Grade 9 student at Grimsby Secondary School, will spend two weeks aboard a ship in Nunavut. Gulati is among roughly 90 students selected for the Students on Ice mission, which also involves 35 world-class scientists, historians, artists, explorers, educators, innovators and polar experts. The program provides high school students with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand their knowledge about the circumpolar world and gain a new perspective on the planet.

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