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GEOFF GREEN              Founder & President, Students on Ice Expedition Leader


CLARE GLASSCO          Manager, Projects, Partners & Participants, Students on Ice


KATHLEEN CONNELLY    Participant and Logistics Coordinator, Students on Ice


MAATALII ANERAQ OKALIK                        Logistics Coordinator, Students on Ice


JANET UNGRIN  Coordinator, Education Program, Students on Ice




MEG BECKEL                  President and CEO, Canadian Museum of Nature





LAAKKULUK WILLIAMSON BATHORY                      Artist, student, Community Organizer



J.F. CARREY Expedition Guide


SIRA CHAYER Journalist, Photographer and Videographer



PETER CROAL                      Geologist, Wilderness Guide, International Development Authority


CAROLYN DAWE Youth Engagement Officer, WWF Canada


JENNIFER DOUBT Botanist and Curator of the National Herbarium of Canada


DAVID FLETCHER            Polar Historian


WHIT FRASER Journalist and Chair of the Arctic Children and Youth Foundation


ERIC GALBRAITH Oceanographer & Earth Science Researcher, McGill University


MARIE-PIERRE GARIÉPY                                    Founder and President of SLALOM Productions


EKATERINA GILAS International and External Economic Relations, Yamal-Nemets Autonomous District


DAVID GRAY                    Arctic Biologist & Historian, Documentary Filmmaker



PAUL HAMILTON Psychologist


DAVID HENRY Marine Educator and Conservationist


JAMIE HERRING Multi-media and video producer; Founder of HabitatSeven


MIKE JENSEN                        Science Educator, Journalist


JUDITH KENNEDY Conservationist, Canadian Wildlife Service




STEVE KRAUS                      Physician


WILLIAM LISHMAN  Inventor, Filmmaker, Sculptor



WAYNE LOVSTROM    Small Business Owner and Manager


SAMIA MADWAR            Web Editor, Canadian Geographic Magazine


ERIC MATTSON Geologist and Glaciologist


MATTY MCNAIR Polar Explorer and Educator


LEE NARRAWAY Adventure Photographer


EVALYN PARRY Songwriter, Poet, Theatre Creator



MARIA PASTOR Physical Oceanographer


ANNIE PETAULASSIE (PITSEOLAK)                      Craftmaker and Educator


SCOBIE PYE                    Polar Scientist and Historian


MADELEINE REDFERN                        Mayor of Iqaluit, Nunavut


KIERAN SHEPHERD Paleobiologist


RICHARD SEARS Whale researcher and expert


STEVE SHEPPARD Educator, Marine Environmental Technologist


MARY SIMON                    Inuit Leader, Former President of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami


KARA STONEHOUSE Sustainability Leadership Artist; Executive Director of Tucker House Renewal Centre


ARIELA KAY SUMMIT Environmental Researcher


ALEX TAYLOR                    Polar Guide and Educator


JANET UNGRIN Coordinator, Education Program, Students on Ice




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