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Mobilizing Youth Leaders

We will recruit and select youth from all around the world by collaborating with key organizations within each country. The focus will be on youth who have a track record of leadership on climate change, ocean health or other key environmental issues. Participants will commit to a one-year engagement. The participants’ diversity will guarantee cross-cultural learning that helps them understand the world through different perspectives—an essential step in building an effective international youth leaders network.

While on the expedition, participants will be immersed in an intensive program that combines team building and leadership with education about Antarctica and its global importance. They will also engage in outreach activities, such as blogging, social media and interviews. A diverse team of educators—including scientists, historians, polar experts, political leaders and communications experts—will deliver and support the onboard program.

In the final days of the journey, participants will shift their focus to developing individual and collective impact plans that will guide their post-expedition activities. They will set collective goals for action, audiences, reach and impact.

Upon their return, participants will take on community projects, speaking engagements, media and communications activities, stakeholder engagement and international collaborative action. They will use online tools, such as the SOI Alumni Portal and social media, to share their contributions. Throughout the process, they will be supported by their country organizations, SOI’s Alumni Team, other mentors and each other.

Upcoming Expeditions

SOI expeditions are life-changing journeys to the Polar Regions to become educated, inspired and empowered young leaders. Learn more and apply!

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Alumni Program

SOI’s Alumni Program supports alumni in their continued growth and development and connects alumni with opportunities and resources.

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Partner with Us

The SOI Foundation collaborates with a broad range of partners in areas such as youth scholarships, project and program development and communications.

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