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Teen returns from bottom of the world

Powell River Peak

By: Chris Bolster

February, 11, 2014

Few people can say they have been to the bottom of the world, but a Powell River teen is one of them.

Samantha Savage journeyed to Antarctica during her winter holiday as part of a Students on Ice expedition which guides students and educators from around the world to the North and South poles.

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'I have found my calling'

The Surrey Leader

By: Evan Seal

February, 04, 2014

For Kwantlen Park Secondary student Shakti Ramkumar, being environmentally active in Surrey was the impetus to wanting to see environmental stewardship firsthand throughout the world.

Having participated in numerous local and national school science fairs, Ramkumar had heard about an organization called Students on Ice, but it wasn’t until she saw poster in her school counselor’s office about a polar expedition to Antarctica that she took a keen interest.

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Cartoon based on Alanis McKee's Expedition

The Yellowknifer

By: Henderson

January, 24, 2013

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Northbear interviews Alannis McKee (at 40:35)


January, 20, 2014

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A trip to the bottom of the world

Northern News Services

By: Candace Thomson

January, 17, 2014

A Yellowknife student was one of five from Canada to go to Antarctica. There aren’t many people, let alone students, who can say they’ve been to Antarctica – but Alannis McKee, 17, is now one of them.

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Mac student returns from Antarctic expedition

The Hamilton Spectator

By: Molly Hayes

January, 13, 2014

Hamilton’s chilly temperatures are nothing to Kelly Biagi, who has just returned from a 10-day expedition through Antarctica.

The 23-year-old McMaster student was one of a handful of master’s students aboard the Students on Ice ship. When she spoke to The Spectator from the vessel on Sunday, Jan. 5, they were travelling through the Drake Passage.

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For Bethesda woman, Antarctica becomes 'a special place'

Baltimore Sun

By: Mike King

January, 11, 2014

During her second day on the Antarctic Peninsula, Elena Perry and her fellow students silently looked around the cold, dry landscape as the driver of their boat turned off the motor. In one of many such instances, the group was struck by how much Earth’s southernmost continent abounded with life.

“That was the first time we had gotten so close to the wildlife there, and it was an amazingly calm day,” said Perry, 21, a junior ecology and evolutionary biology major at Yale. “There were hardly any waves.”

Perry was there — listening to penguins dive into the water — alongside more than 70 students from around the world and an international staff, as part of the 2013 Students on Ice Antarctic Expedition.

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Journey to Antarctica an amazing adventure, North York student says

North York Mirror / Inside Toronto

By: Lisa Queen

January, 08, 2014

Voyaging back from an expedition to Antarctica, North York student Kayla Greenberg gasped when told temperatures were as much as 40 C warmer aboard her ship than in Toronto.

It was -2 C on the afternoon of Monday Jan. 6 as the M/V Ushuaia expedition ship made its way through the Drake Passage, which connects the Atlantic Ocean south of the southern tip of South America with the Pacific Ocean and extends into the Southern Ocean.

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Antarctic trip "experience of a lifetime"

The Starphoenix

By: Jason Warick

January, 06, 2014

While Saskatoon residents froze through weekend windchills of -50 C, Emily Anderson and Miranda LaBrash were spending their winter vacation somewhere much warmer – Antarctica.

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Three Yukoners Travelling In Antarctica...

CBC North (Whitehorse)

January, 03, 2014

Students on Ice is an award-winning organization offering educational expeditions to both the Antarctic and the Arctic regions of the planet.

The opportunities for participants are nothing short of specatular for the 72 university and high school students chosen for the adventure and experiential learning opportunities.

This year, three Yukoners are onboard for a journey that began Boxing Day in Argentina and is continuing by sea cross the Drake Passage to Elephant Island … and onto the Antarctic Peninsula.

We reached Jeff Green, founder of the program, Teah Dickson, a high school student from Whitehorse, Shyloh van Delft, from Tagish and Kaitlyn Obstfeld.

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Carleton students head for the Antarctic mainland

Ottawa Citizen

By: Tyler Dawson

January, 02, 2014

On a research expedition in Antarctica, students from Carleton University have seen icebergs and penguins while collecting the data they need for their project.

They were on their way to the mainland Thursday, having left Elephant Island, where explorer Ernest Shackleton’s crew holed up to await rescue in 1916.

Brent Clark, 23, a geology student, said it was the first piece of land they had seen in some time, and he described it as “pretty special,” despite the weather.

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Antarctic journey awaits UNBC student, professor

Vancouver Presence

December, 23, 2013

University of Northern B.C. professor, Pat Maher, doesn’t need a sun holiday for the winter blues. Instead, he’s heading to the Antarctic.

While the outdoor recreation and tourism management professor has already travelled to the polar region a number of times — including during his undergrad and PhD research — it will be his second trip with UNBC on the Students on Ice Antarctic Expedition.

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Heading South for the Antarctica

250 News

December, 25, 2013

Prince George, BC – It will not be a holiday, rather a working and learning ship-based adventure to explore Patagonia, the Antarctic Peninsula and surrounding Southern Ocean…

Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management (ORTM) professor, Dr. Patrick Maher, and 4th year student, Jody Phibbs, fly out tomorrow for the 2013 expedition of  Students on Ice.  The pair embark on their journey from port in Ushuaia, Argentina on Friday and will spend the next 14-days with approximately 100 students, educators, scientists, historians, artists, and explorers from around the world.

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Vizag student for Antarctica expedition

Local 2 Global

December, 24, 2013

Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula is a dream that the lucky few get to experience. And it becomes particularly special when you are the only one representing your country for an expedition to Antarctica. For 18-year-old Prateek Surisetti, it was a dream come true when he was selected for a unique educational expedition to Antarctica by the international organisation ‘Students on Ice’.

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City Student Selected for Antarctic Expedition

Express News, India

December, 22, 2013

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City student chosen for Antarctic expedition

The Hans India

December, 22, 2013

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Students set to depart on Antarctic adventure

Ottawa Citizen

December, 20, 2013

Jasmine Clancy could have graduated from Carleton University this past spring, but rearranged her schedule and extended her time at the school when an opportunity arose to travel to Antarctica this winter, she said.

“Geology is a field-based science, so I think it’s really important to take every opportunity presented to see different environments,” said Clancy, 24.

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Caitlyn Baikie - Heading to Antarctica

CBC Radio - Labrador Morning

December, 02, 2013

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Student to step aboard expedition

Powell River Peak

October, 21, 2013

Brooks Secondary School grade 11 student Samantha Savage has been accepted into an international youth experiential education program to Antarctica to learn about environmental issues and climate change.

The expedition takes place from December 27, 2013 to January 10, 2014 and accepts fewer than 100 students from around the world every year. To prepare, Samantha is on a mission to fundraise $15,000 for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Teen raising funds to join Antarctic expedition

Brampton Guardian

By: Roger Belgrave

July, 16, 2013

A young Brampton environmentalist and wildlife photographer eager to broaden his understanding of the planet, has been invited to join scientists and researchers headed to the Antarctic this winter.

Cameron Aplin graduated from Grade 12 at Mayfield Secondary School last month and is spending the summer working as a Park Ranger at Six Mile Lake Provincial Park. On the southeastern shores of Georgian Bay, his summer job is just a short boat ride from the family cottage.

But this winter he is hoping to climb aboard an icebreaker headed to the south polar region. He would be part of Students On Ice, a unique initiative that offers students an opportunity to participate in hands-on research and lectures conducted by polar experts, educators and researchers.

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