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2020 – SOI’s 20th Anniversary Expedition!

July 5 to July 20, 2020

This special expedition to celebrate 20 years of SOI expeditions will travel from St. John’s to Iqaluit!

The Arctic 2020 expedition will bring together more than 100 high school and university students from across the Arctic and around the world along with inspiring scientists, elders, artists, musicians, dignitaries, historians, thought leaders and innovators. Immersed in nature and engaged in cross-disciplinary activity, students will be inspired, motivated, educated and challenged.

The students who are drawn to SOI’s expeditions are not regular students. They already show the makings of leaders, innovators, creators and change-makers in their home schools, communities and countries. SOI simply provides an environment filled with curious youth, world-class educators and an incredibly unique classroom setting where these students will thrive. The result is knowledgeable, inspired, and empowered youth whose connection to the land, to peers and mentors from around the world, and to an understanding of the environmental, social, and political landscape shapes their perspectives and impact on our world.

About SOI

Students on Ice (SOI) is internationally recognized as a pioneer and leader in experiential education. We believe in the power of connecting youth to nature and to the knowledge and opportunities to contribute to healthy ecosystems, thriving communities and meaningful youth engagement around the world.

Explore the Itinerary, learn how to apply, and we hope to see you onboard!

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