Currie Rowe joins the SOI office team as Executive Assistant

Currie started with SOI just before the 2016 Arctic Expedition as the Communications and Events Intern; she has since graduated to being SOI’s first Executive Assistant. As Currie is now full-time office staff we had her answer some of our burning questions. Keep reading to find out which Lego set – yes, the world’s favourite building blocks – she believes promotes women in science!

What is your work and education background before Students on Ice?
  • Directly before joining SOI I was in school at Algonquin College for Event Management.  I was coming back to school after four years of academic “freedom”; I had completed my undergrad at University of Ottawa in Classical Studies and Psychology. Within that time I dabbled in various administrative positions, with a short stint in sales.  All this helped drive my decision to go back to school, during which I learned the top-to-bottom on running an event, participated in a couple of interesting internships, and coordinated an Alice in Wonderland themed gala-dinner as part of a team in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation operating on a zero-dollar budget. We ended up raising $4,700 as a team (at the event), and $70,000 overall as a class for the charity.

How did you find your way to working with us?

  • Through Algonquin College I received a message from my Program Coordinator about applying for the Events and Communications Intern position, I did some research on the company and thought – “where can I sign up?” and went ahead and applied!
What’s a highlight story of working at SOI so far?
  • There have been so many excellent adventures so far, it’s really hard to just choose one!
    • When I first started, SOI was in the middle of their 2016 Arctic expedition, I got to h
      elp out the folks on the home team, and to have some fun, the office team embarked on an expedition of their very own.  We may not have physically gone anywhere, but most nature and science came right to us!  It’s even been documented in an album known as the Chemin Pink Expedition.  I had never been on expedition before that – it was really eye-opening and engaging; I learned a lot!
    • Around my birthday, the resident birthday card deign guru’s really captured my interests and spirit in the form of a wonderfully colourful birthday card.  It contained references to both Lego and Pokemon and along with the sentiments inside, it could
      ot have been more perfect. I know I didn’t stop talking about it for a couple of weeks!
    • At the end of November, I got to work under some really wonderful people in order to help put together a truly magnificent event.  I was great to see the process from beginning to end, being able to contribute anywhere I could.  My mentors through this experience were really beyond words, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to continue to work alongside them on future projects.
Tell us about your role at SOI.
  • I am the Executive Assistant to the President and Founder of Students on Ice, Geoff Green.  My role is to support Geoff in scheduling, filing, task keeping, etc.
Have you been on any adventures? What’s the farthest away from home you’ve been?
  • I really like having adventures, however it’s been a while since I’ve gone on long adventures outside of North America; the last time was Jamaica back in 2007.  That being said, any trip away from work or home I consider a little adventure; one of the more memorable of 2016 was a visit to Upper Canada Village in October for Pumpkinferno.  I’m a big fan of Halloween, I love the atmosphere of the area, and Fall is my favourite season!
What is your favourite item of clothing? (costumes count)
  • Dang, do earrings count as clothing? If so, I’d like to say earrings; you’d be hard pressed to find a time when I’m not wearing them – 80% of the time they are geeky in nature. 🙂
  • If it MUST be clothing, it would have to be the green cloak (read cape) from my Frodo Baggins costume.  There’s nothing like having the opportunity to stay warm and have a little help to hide from unfriendly eyes all in one go!
Company is coming over. What is your signature dish?
  • I really enjoy experimenting with new ingredients and recipes; seriously, I’ll try anything.   It would be difficult to find a dish that I make more than any other.  However, if I’m putting on a spread for a dinner party, I think I’d tell everyone to have dinner at home and come over for coffee, tea, dessert and wine. Following a recipe through for a dessert is always far more satisfying to me than a meal – I love making cookies, squares, cakes, puddings, fondues, the list goes on…

We understand you’re a Lego fan. What is your favourite set and why?

  • I’m really just coming up as undecided here! Before Christmas I could pin it to three sets, however, for Christmas I did get the Lego Ideas Wall-E set.  Though it doesn’t win for my most favourite set, it is certainly among my top four sets.
    • Lego Hobbit: An Unexpected Gathering – cutest build/ great playability, comes with dwarves and pretzels!
    • Lego Ideas: Research institute – favourite small set, really promotes ladies in science!
    • Lego Star Wars: Rey’s Speeder – hardest set for me to find when it came out, so the anticipation makes this a much more memorable set, also Star Wars!
    • Lego Ideas: Wall-E – Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth Class) is my favourite Disney Pixar movie; and I love everything he represents.  It’s really the perfect little set!

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