CRE – Denver Edmunds

Tiivimasiu Qisiiq and Denver Edmunds

I wanted to join this SOI Alumni Delegation to the CRE National Gathering to get to know more about reconciliation, to see what it actually meant. I also wanted to meet up with my old friends and make some new ones. As soon as I saw the application I knew I was going to apply!

I really liked the delegation because of our discussions and openness, it was really nice to get to discuss reconciliation, diversity and everything that brings different people together. It was also good to discuss what it means to offer activities for only Indigenous folks. This delegation reminded me of my Students on Ice experience a little. It was good having a staff member there that I knew and getting to meet a new staff member. I found it overwhelming to get to meet up with my SOI 2018 alumni friends – it was so good to catch up!

I liked being at the Gathering because I got to learn so much more about different cultures – I got to see so much more than I thought existed! Everything was really interesting, I really liked listening to what other Inuit had to say about their hometowns, cultures, and about how good and how strong they are. I also loved the Inuit room at the Gathering because I was able to have some caribou meat, which was delicious and unexpected. I was happy that our Delegation had the opportunity to do our own workshop. I loved drum dancing in my silapak and making people happy and proud.

I enjoyed my time and I was so thankful and grateful the whole entire time.

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