Breaking the Ice; COP25 Panel Hosted by the WWF Arctic Programme

Breaking the ice, bringing young scientists and indigenous youth to the decision making table in the Arctic.

On Thursday, the WWF Arctic Programme hosted a panel exploring how to bring young scientists and Indigenous youth to the decision-making table in the Arctic. This panel featured three Students on Ice Arctic alumni; Marina Melanidis, Martina Fjällberg and Rob Comeau!

This cross-cultural and intergenerational panel brought together young scientists, Indigenous youth, and leaders to discuss how to transform the way the Arctic is governed and how to adapt to the rapid rate of change taking place in the region.

Panelists shared their experiences living and working in the Arctic. They talked about the huge changes taking place and their perspectives, and contributions towards urgent climate action.

Watch the entirety of the panel here:

Quotes from our Alumni

“We need a systems change, not only in the way we engage with decision making structures but how we approach them. We’re not talking about decisions that are being made for today, but for our grand kids. We’re talking about decisions that will be made for our lands which will be here long after we die.”

Rob Comeau — SOI Arctic 2015 & 2019

“The Saami people need to make decisions in our own way. We are the ones who should be making decisions about our own lands and our own future.”

Martina Fjällberg — SOI Arctic 2019 alum

“Young people want to co-design their own futures but we’re missing the tools we need to do so. Everyone at COP25 is a person of power, I would challenge the people here to offer your skills resources to bring them into the work that you are doing.”

Marina Melanidis — SOI Arctic 2017 alum
Check Out the Other Panelists
#SOIArctic2019 alumni Rob Comeau and Martina Fjällberg

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