Breaking down ‘Beneath the Mountains’ with Hey Rosetta’s Tim Baker

In this Polar Eyes short podcast, singer songwriter Tim Baker (Arctic 2016) talks with alum Nick Castel (Arctic 2016) on the shores of Hebron, NL about the importance of nature in our lives and the inspiration behind his song “Beneath the Mountain” performed for the expedition team on July 27, 2016.

Nick caught Tim during during a shore landing on a warm, shaded afternoon. Performed alongside expedition doctor and cellist Andrew Bresnahan (Arctic 2016) inside Hebron’s historic Morovian Church, the song is a tribute to the bravery of those displaced by powers larger than themselves. Echoing the tales of subsistence farmers in Honduras and peace pilgrims throughout the United States, the spirit of “Beneath the Mountain” was ultimately brought to light in Hebron to commemorate the resilience of Inuit in Labrador who faced similar circumstances in the 1950’s.

You can give the podcast a listen here. This short piece is brought to you by Polar Eyes. An alumni-driven podcast series where alumni, experts and educators of the Students On Ice Foundation share experiences and insights from across the polar regions. You can view more here. The recording was made possible in part by Nature For All a global movement to connect people with nature.

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