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Arctic “Floe Edge” Expedition 2006

Education Program


Arctic Education Program Overview

Our journey to the Arctic brings together a dynamic group of students, educators, scientists and Arctic experts. The dynamics, energies and synergies of such a group together on this Arctic expedition are sure to create an incredible environment of learning and discovery. Our education program consists of several components:


A pre-expedition preparatory program designed to help get you into an Arctic mindset is available on the Students on Ice website at www.studentsonice.com under the Education Program section. This program is web-delivered and independent in nature.

Prior to the expedition, you are also encouraged to do as much reading and research as possible. Within this expedition manual are some excellent resources that have been provided by our numerous sponsors to help get you started, as well as a suggested reading list. Be sure to check out many of the web-links listed on the SOI site. Begin familiarizing yourself with the many issues facing the Arctic. Some specific questions to consider include:

  • Examine the impacts of climate change on the human communities and natural ecosystems of the Arctic.
  • What is being done by the eight circumpolar nations in regards to fostering a greater global awareness of the impacts of climate change on the North?
  • How are your actions and choices at home influencing the environmental changes being observed in the Arctic?
  • What are the implications of a warming Arctic on national sovereignty for Canada?
  • What were the key findings of the recently release Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA)?
  • What outcomes, specific to the Arctic, emerged from the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference hosted in Montreal, Canada in Nov/Dec. 2005?

    Start preparing a list of questions of your own in your expedition journal.


During the expedition there will be many different educational activities each day including:


  • Inuit Traditional Knowledge
  • Nunavut - Native culture and the influence of southern culture
  • A History of Arctic Exploration
  • Biology of Arctic Waters
  • The Ice
  • Arctic geology
  • Impacts of Climate Change on the Arctic
  • Other Environmental Issues facing the Arctic
  • Flora and Fauna of the Arctic
  • Terrestrial Ecology
  • Arctic - Antarctic: What's the difference?
  • International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-2009-Issues and Outcomes

Hands-On Activities

  • Listen to underwater sound of the marine life using underwater acoustic device.
  • Plankton tows to focus on the marine diversity in the pelagic and benthic realms.
  • Arctic flora and fauna identification and collection
  • Action Research Project on Climate Change for Canadian Museum of Nature
  • Seabird Surveys
  • Interaction with Inuit elders and youth.
  • Photography
  • Kayaking, Hiking, Camping…
  • Daily Journal Writing

Workshops Examples

  • Arctic "skins and bones" box
  • Ecological Footprint
  • Reflective and Field Journaling
  • Transformative Leadership
  • Ecological Principles of Sustainability
  • Developing a Youth Impressions Document.
  • Hypothermia and Frostbite - Prevention and Treatment
  • Discovering yourself and your purpose on the Planet

**The Students on Ice Education Team will be eager to interact with, interpret, excite and mentor you throughout each day. Take advantage! A one on one conversation at meals can be equally or more informative than attending a lecture.


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