Arctic Voices, a traveling exhibit


Making its rounds to your nearest museum is the breathtaking “Arctic Voices” exhibit. It features an immersive and comprehensive look into the Arctic region- its people, culture and environmental importance to the rest of the world.

Arctic Voices launched earlier this month at Science North in Sudbury and is co-produced with the Canadian Museum of Nature, with support from Students on Ice.

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Visitors are invited to challenge their perceptions of the Arctic and discover a colourful land that’s actually closer to their own backyard then they might think. They can pounce, hop, push and crawl their way through animal life in the Arctic, and come face to face with a polar bear. They can travel with scientists as they catch and tag Arctic whales, and even test their voice at throat singing. They will hear from the people that inhabit this region, as they share their knowledge about the land and their unique culture.

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Arctic Voices shifts perceptions from the solitary ice filled landscape to the vibrant, unique and distinct ecosystem that is continually growing into prominence on the global scene.

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Enriched with amazing Arctic images from Students on Ice (SOI) expeditions, the exhibit takes visitors on a journey through the eyes of SOI student alumni Graham May and Marine Poirier-Defoy as they share their perspectives on the Arctic, how it has impacted their lives, and what they see as the challenges and opportunities facing the Arctic and its people.

Video of Graham May

Video of Marine Poirier-Defoy (French)


Visitors also have an opportunity to hear from SOI Founder and Expedition Leader Geoff Green who discusses the importance of Students on Ice in providing youth with the opportunity to see first hand the changes affecting the Arctic and the rest of the world and how, by bringing youth together in the Polar Regions, they gain a new global perspective of the Planet and their role within it.

Video of Geoff Green

This traveling exhibit can be seen at Science North through August and then will open at the Canadian Museum of Nature December 5, 2014. The exhibition will then journey to science centres and museums across Canada and the United States.

Keep a look out for Arctic Voices at a museum near you and don’t miss this incredible exhibit!

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