April Rideout, Makkovik

©Martin Lipman/ SOI Foundation

Thinking back on expedition I realized that it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It brought me life long friends and gave me the opportunity to learn things such as the way climate change will affect our community/already is, the way other people within Inuit Nunangat are both culturally and socially, as well as new leadership skills that will help my community and help me grow as a person and as a coordinator for this project that I would not have learned outside of an experience such as this.

I also learned how much a strong sense of community can push people to do their best, this also helps me as a coordinator to realize that building this community within the youth at home will not only help them grow individually but as a group and to work better together for everything from this project to anything they may do in the future. With everything I learned on the ship I was beyond excited to bring it home and help other youth discover what they can do, individually and with each other, to help these youth learn these lessons and reach their highest potential!

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