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"We are proud to welcome you to our 6th annual Students on Ice expedition to Antarctica! This year we are thrilled to have a team of 32 students from around the world, and a team of 20 phenomenal teachers, scientists, experts and expedition team members. This journey to the bottom of our planet will undoubtedly prove to be a transformative experience for everyone involved, which will hopefully help to define new perspectives, challenges and goals ahead. We also want to invite anyone interested to share our experiences and follow our journey by logging into this website each day between Dec.27th to Jan.10th. As with past years, we will be sending back photos, journals and expedition updates on a daily basis!

Going to the Antarctic is like going to another planet. Yet, it is also a window to our world, and a cornerstone of our global ecosystem. For these reasons and many others, Antarctica serves as an incredible platform for education and science. We also like to think of it as one of the Greatest Classrooms on Earth! We will be looking at many things during our voyage, including the important issue of Climate Change. We hope these student expeditioners will return home as ambassadors and leaders for our planet's environment, with new level of inspiration and motivation for the future.

In the expedition spirit,
Geoff Green
Director and Expedition Leader,
Students on Ice

In this new Millennium, the
Students on Ice Expeditions to Antarctica are incredible opportunities for students from around the world to explore and experience the mysteries and wonders of Antarctica that have so fascinated the world's great explorers and scientists.

Students on Ice is an educational journey to the planet's frozen frontier, that promises to be an unforgettably enriching and defining experience in each participant's life.

In the paths of Sir Ernest Shackleton, Admiral Byrd and Roald Amundsen, we will journey south from the tip of South America to the heart of the Antarctic Peninsula.

This is not a vacation! Aboard our ice-class expedition vessel, we will set sail on a unique quest for
Discovery, Adventure, Knowledge and Future.

Students on Ice is an associate member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), a member organization founded in 1991 to advocate and practice safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic.

“The commitment that
Students on Ice has shown to become carbon neutral is to be congratulated”, said Jeff Monty, President of the Tree Canada Foundation. The TCF began in 1992 to provide support to Canadians to plant and care for trees in urban and rural environments including the planting of over 75 million trees, the re-greening of over 300 school-yards, five national urban forestry conferences and other efforts to sensitize Canadians to the benefits of planting and maintaining trees.

Part of Students on Ice’s own environmental commitment is to offset the amount of carbon they will be putting into the atmosphere as a result of the travel of the students, teachers and scientists who are part of the expedition. The students will be calculating the amount of carbon burned during the expedition and then calculating the # of trees to be planted. The Tree Canada Foundation has calculated that the entire trip will put 163 tonnes of carbon into the air - an amount that can be offset by the planting of 1,028 trees. Approximately 50% of a tree’s biomass is carbon which it secures only from the air.


TELUS MOBILITY and TREE CANADA FOUNDATION are working together as our partners to make our expedition Carbon Neutral!

Zodiac explorations
Our expedition occurs during the Austral summer, when the weather is best and when Antarctica becomes home to the greatest concentration of wildlife on earth. The surrounding sea ice has melted enough to allow our ship entry into the awe-inspiring Antarctic waters abundant with millions of penguins, seals, seabirds and whales. This journey that once took explorers two years to accomplish, will now take us two weeks!

In the true spirit of adventure, our Antarctic Expedition Itinerary will be flexible, and we will use our fleet of Zodiac boats to make landings along the coast wherever exciting opportunities arise. We will navigate amongst towering icebergs to land on remote islands teeming with curious penguins. Students will not have any virtual experiences on this expedition, they will see, hear, smell and touch the awesome beauty and power of Antarctica. All our activities will adhere strictly to Antarctic visitor and environmental guidelines - we will take nothing but photographs and memories and leave nothing but footprints.

Each student will participate in a top-level educational program which will begin with preparatory study and research prior to the expedition. During the expedition, experienced lecturers will be on board offering seminars and lectures focused on many topics including the history, geography, flora and fauna of the Antarctic. Our expedition staff includes international scientists conducting on-going research projects in which the students can participate. Daily field excursions while in Antarctica will bring their studies to life and make the overall experience even more enriching.

Each student expeditioner will undoubtedly return home as an ambassador for the Antarctic, with a new understanding and respect for our planet, and an increased perception of the earth as a global ecosystem. Through personal experience, the student expeditioners will ponder the complex political, environmental and ocean management issues facing Antarctica, while simultaneously seeking solutions and policy alternatives. Proposed solutions and recommendations not only to the challenges facing the Antarctic, but also the global environment, will be important outcomes of an onboard Student Forum. Through this shipboard Forum each student will have the opportunity to contribute to the search for harmony among the many forces that threaten our natural world.


“I'll never forget seeing my first penguin, iceberg, seal, or wild orca.
One word to sum up the trip is "inspirational".
I learned how we impact this place and the rest of the world and how little changes at home can help save the world.”

2004 Antarctic Expeditioner



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