Antarctic 2014 students gear up for expedition!

For the past couple of weeks SOI has been spotlighting a handful of talented and multifaceted educators who will be joining this year’s Antarctic 2014 expedition. With the countdown on, and 17 days until the expedition kicks off, we wanted to ask some of the students a few questions about themselves.

We asked the students where they come from and what makes their hometown unique, and these are the responses we got:



“I live in Glenview, IL, with around 41,000 people living in it. The size of the town is right around 14 square miles. It’s about 20 miles north of Chicago, and right by Lake Michigan. Glenview has a very unique and interesting past. During World War II a navy base was built in Glenview. The Glenview Naval Air Station was open from 1942-1995. Over 17,000 pilots trained at the base during WWII. Once the base closed, the village decided to turn it into a shopping center and a neighborhood. This new piece of land is called “The Glen” and takes up roughly 15 percent of the entire town.”

~Matthew Peterson



“I am from Kuujjuaq. Kuujjuaq is unique because of its natural landscape. It is where the taiga and the toundra meet.”

~Matilda Kooktook



“NYC – the city that never sleeps”

~Max Markowitz



“Toronto, and like any big city, we have the skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But what really makes this amazing city great is the enjoyment of having a unique experience every time you step onto our surprisingly atrocious public transit system.”

~Eva Wu



“I live in Kuujjuaq QC, (fun fact about Kuujjuuaq, it’s in northern Quebec around the place where the tree line ends, and in school students are encouraged to learn English, French and Inuktitut.”

~Rose Emak



“I am from the vibrant city of Pune in India, located 140 km away from Mumbai near the Sahyadri Mountain Range. I was born in Pune and have been residing and studying here for 14 years. Pune is the educational hub of India where students from every part of India and the world come to study. Along with a diverse student population, Pune is rich in its history, food, traditions and culture. It has many trekking retreats which is a good option for students to surround themselves close to nature.”

~Zareen Cheema



“I am from Flint, Michigan. What makes my home town unique is there so many colleges in on city. We have 10 in total.”

~Brandan Wade



“I am from Whitby, Ontario, a pretty large town of over 100,000 people, right on the edge of Lake Ontario near Toronto. We are known for our hockey, and have one of the largest sports centers in all of North America, the Iroquois Sports Center.”

~Alissa Sallans



“I’m from Toronto Canada. The city has an amazing sense of diversity and multiculturalism. Walking downtown, you can stroll from an authentic sushi place to a tapas bar to a pho house all within fifteen minutes. It’s fascinating that despite our varying cultures and traditions, we can still bond together and live in harmony as a single city. Plus, we have the world’s greatest hockey team!”

~Robert Adragna


“I was born and raised in New York City and what I believe makes this place unique is how culturally diverse the people here are, you can find anyone from anywhere from any religion here in the city.”




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