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Partnerships are key to the work and success of the Students on Ice Foundation. In return, a partnership with the SOI Foundation can generate significant benefits for the partner organisation. The SOI Foundation is open to new partnerships that allow the Foundation to expand its activities, enhance its impacts and/or engage in new areas of work within its mandate.

The Foundation typically enters into partnerships in the following areas:

Youth Scholarships
The majority of youth participants in SOI’s expeditions are able to participate based on a scholarship that is provided by one of the Foundation’s partners. Partners generally provide youth scholarships as part of their organisational mandate or within the framework of their Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.

Science and Knowledge
The Foundation partners with leading academic and research institutes for development and execution of its education programs. The majority of the scientific members of the expedition staff teams participate within the framework of a partnership between the SOI Foundation and the organisations the scientists work for.

Media Exposure
The Foundation’s Arctic and Antarctic expeditions and other projects generate ongoing local, regional and national media coverage. The Foundation partners with organisations that benefit from this media coverage and/or that increase the media coverage that is generated.

Program and project development
The Foundation collaborates with partners to develop specific programs and projects. Examples of such programs and projects are SOI’s Arctic Youth and Partnerships Program, Q is for Qajaq and the Arctic Tern.

Benefits to SOI’s partners are generally in the areas of mandate, exposure and outreach, access to SOI’s networks and/or staff training and life experience.

To learn more about partnership opportunities, please contact Henk van der Molen, SOI’s Director of Development.

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