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Rachel Boere

Alumni Program Coordinator

Rachel Boere

Rachel had the opportunity to travel with Students on Ice on the 2015 Arctic Expedition as a member of the Parks Canada Northern Engagement and Outreach Team in Toronto. This experience opened her eyes to the world of the North, the impact of experiential education and the power of storytelling. After a summer working as a member of the Communications & Media team at SOI, Rachel is now a member of the Alumni Program Team and values the idea of by alumni, for alumni. She works to create a space where alumni can engage with and connect to a diverse range of social, personal and professional development, and storytelling opportunities.

As a graduate of the Creative Industries program at Ryerson University, Rachel developed a love for the many ways sharing can bring people together. She aims to work in spaces where she can facilitate important and impactful growth opportunities for youth by harnessing the power of shared experience and community development.

Rachel is a lover of outdoor concerts, homemade pasta, immersive learning, and classical art memes. She is always interested in conversations about accessible spaces & sustainable places, travel adventures, and quality coffee.

You can get in touch with Rachel to share classical art memes or to connect about SOI at rachel@studentsonice.com.

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