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Mary Paquet

Multimedia Content Creator

Mary Paquet

Mary has an undeniable love for croissants, farmer’s markets, and camping.

As an alumna of the 2011 Arctic expedition, there is no question that her life has been shaped by her experience with the Students on Ice Foundation. For Mary, the expedition sparked an interest in photography and video production, and helped guide her decision to attend the University of Guelph to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Zoology.

Mary recently completed the Environmental Visual Communication graduate program at the Royal Ontario Museum, where she was able to combine her creativity with her interest in science. She had the chance to document the Rouge Urban National Urban Park Bioblitz, and accompanied the ROM’s Palaeontology team and in-house production team on a dinosaur dig in Alberta and Montana. Through this program she was also part of the team hosting the Canada’s Oceans: Towards 2020 symposium which brought together scientists, storytellers and stakeholders to discuss the future of Canada’s Oceans. Alongside this symposium, she obtained an Inspiration grant from the Students on Ice foundation to host Common Coasts: Stories from Canada’s Youth.

Mary believes visual storytelling is a powerful tool in getting youth engaged in making change, and is excited to support the Students on Ice Foundation in guiding youth on their own transformational journeys to the Polar regions.


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