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Mary-Ellen Connolly

Finance Manager

Mary-Ellen Connolly

Mary-Ellen Connolly has been with Students on Ice since February 2010, at the time it was SOI’s
mandate and involvement with youth that motivated her to join the team.
With her she brought many years of financial experience and now skillfully handles all of the
finances for SOI’s Canadian and USD Foundations, as well as Students on Ice Inc.

Outside of the office Mary-Ellen enjoys many sports including skiing, orienteering, cycling,
kayaking and hiking. You can usually find her in her backyard, The Gatineau Park in Chelsea,

Mary-Ellen also enjoys mixing international travel with volunteer work. Her last service
adventure was as a Team Leader with Habitat for Humanity to Jordan. Some of her other
memorable past builds have been to Philippines, Hawaii, Portugal, Chile, Cambodia, Brazil
and Kenya.

Get in touch with Mary-Ellen at finance@studentsonice.com

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