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Kelsey Catherine Schmitz

E2C Program Manager

Kelsey Catherine Schmitz

Kelsey Catherine Schmitz was told in the 10th grade by her English teacher Mr. Callaghan that she should be a teacher, and she laughed, and said “no way”.

And yet, he had the last laugh, as she has spent the last 13 years working in education, as well as continuing her own education, completing a PhD in Education with a focus on Society, Culture and literacies. As a teacher, professor, researcher, community coordinator in Indigenous education and assistant director in teacher education in the Eastern Arctic, her professional and personal life is a lifelong journey of learning and sharing. She is passionate about youth advocacy, storytelling, and supporting experiential education programs. She is even one of those special teachers who loves teaching middle school.

Kelsey Catherine is a staff Alumni from the 2018 Arctic expedition, during which she had the opportunity to support teachers from Kativik Ilisarniliriniq in their teacher education as part of a field course. Her time on expedition led to bonding with youth from around the world, and her pod, the Uppik pod, and their experiences together are something she will always cherish.

Kelsey Catherine is also a Gryffindor, and believes it is perfectly acceptable to spend your weekend at a comic-con dressed as Jedi Belle (Star wars/Beauty and the Beast cosplay).

Get in touch with Kelsey Catherine at kelsey@studentsonice.com

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