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Becky Okatsiak

Alumni Program Coordinator

Becky Okatsiak

Becky came from a community in Nunavut where she found her passion working with youth to educating others about her Inuit culture.

After attending her first year with Nunavut Sivuniksavut, she took an opportunity to be a part of a memorable adventure with Students On Ice in 2011. Since then, Becky has been teaching at the schools while educating her students the importance of the environment, Inuit culture, and language. After years of working at the schools, Becky decided to attend her second year with Nunavut Sivuniksavut where she studied Political Science, Community Development, Implementation of the NLCA (Nunavut Land Claims Agreement), the Circumpolar world, to name a few.

Having passion giving to the youth, she has joined the team to further her experience with Students On Ice. Not only is advocating for Inuit youth, Becky is an artist by heart, creating paintings depicting the beauty in Inuit Culture.

Get in touch with Becky at becky@studentsonice.com

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