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Vikki Borg-Iuele

Educator, Guidance Counselor

Vikki Borg-Iuele

Vikki Borg-Iuele has been an educator with the Dufferin-Peel CDSB for 20 years. Early in her career she put her outdoor education experiences and Environmental Studies Degree to use and co-founded an Outdoor Adventure Based Alternative Education program designed to re-engage students. Her love for the environment and her commitment to inspiring respect for mother earth has led her to mentor teachers to run similar programs in high schools throughout the DPCDSB.

More recently Vikki has applied her experiences to the role of Academic Coordinator of programs linked to Student Success/Learning in 18 initiatives within the DPCDSB. She has consulted with high school administrators and teachers to implement Alternative Education programs infused with experiential learning and close ties to Indigenous Studies. Vikki is very proud of the fact that in collaboration with the Ministry of Education’s Aboriginal Education Office, and local associations including the Peel Aboriginal Network (PAN), Credit River Métis Council, and more distant Inuit communities of Baffin Island, Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board’s Alternative Education Programs are presently delivering Native Studies courses within an experiential learning platform. Each program offers authentic aboriginal teachings in order to pass down traditional indigenous knowledge. Her work has provided firsthand learning opportunities for DPCDSB elementary and secondary teachers and students by way of in class instruction and excursions, including an invitation to the sacred Ojibwa grounds of Thunder Mountain, Spirit Point in Northern Ontario as well as multiple expeditions to Iqaluit and Pangnirtung in Nunavut.

Currently Vikki is Department Head of Guidance, Business and Cooperative Education at Loyola C.S.S and her work continues to inspire programs that will connect course curriculum to authentic experiential learning programs. Vikki is the proud recipient of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada 2013 Innovative Management Gold Award in recognition of her work with schools to implement the Specialist High Skills Majors Programs.

Vikki lives in Toronto with her husband and two daughters and continues to advocate for authentic learning opportunities that provide authentic experiential learning for students in all pathways and is very excited to continue her own commitment to lifelong learning in particular, expanding her experiences in Canada’s vast and beautiful arctic!

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