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Robert Comeau

Inuk social and cultural historian; Law Student

Robert Comeau

Robert Comeau is an Inuk law student studying in his hometown of Iqaluit as a student of the Nunavut Law Program. He graduated from Carleton University in 2017 obtaining a Bachelor of Arts with a major in History and a minor in Political Science. A staunch advocate for Inuit rights, Robert immerses himself in the dialogue by publishing, attending conferences, and, facilitating workshops. Robert enjoys any activity that gets him out on the water such as hunting, fishing or paddling. As part of expedition team, Robert also provides relevant cultural, social, historical interpretation with Adventure Canada on their expedition cruises through Inuit Nunangat. Robert is a founding board member and the current Vice-President of the Qajakkut Society based in Iqaluit. In this work, Robert supports the delivery of qajaq building programs as well as Paddle Canada certifications.

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