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Ray Roche

Instructor, School of Ocean Technology

Ray Roche

An oceanography and electronics instructor with the Fisheries Marine Institute (MI) of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Ray is also the chair of the Ocean Instrumentation program at MI. He has been an educator for more than ten years and enjoys the challenge of engaging bright and motivated students.

Having grown up in a fishing community and spent much of his time on fishing boats as a teenager, Ray has always had an awareness of our interdependent relationship with the natural environment in general, and with the ocean in particular. As his education and career progressed, he developed an interest in the environmental and cultural issues of sustainability and climate change, and continues to be an avid reader on these topics and to advocate for education and corrective action on these issues.

Ray has an undergraduate degree in electronics engineering and is currently finalizing work on an MSc in Physical Oceanography. His graduate research and thesis were focused on Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait area and his mentor’s area of expertise is the Labrador Sea, so the 2014 Students on Ice expedition holds a particular interest for him.

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