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Pitsiulaaq Akavak


Pitsiulaaq Akavak

Pitsiulaaq Akavak is married to her life-long partner Moosa and they have five children Jonah, Joshua, Lena, Jamie and Inuusiq and is a loving grandmother to 23 grandchildren. She was born in an outpost camp near Kimmirut, Nunavut. Pitsiulaaq is a trained counselor and an active member in the community of Iqaluit, where she has settled with her husband. She has been involved in many initiatives including Social Work, School Community Counselor, she has worked alongside her husband facilitating in various programs and workshops as well as running an outpost camp for Corrections. Most recently, she has been working with Ilisaqsivik, a community-based Inuit organization that is dedicated to promoting community-wellness and self-well being.

Pitsiulaaq enjoys sewing traditional and hunting clothing for her family. She spends countless hours fishing and loves the outdoors.

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