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Peter Kikkert

Peter Kikkert

Pete grew up on a small family farm in southern Ontario, but chose his first love – history – as his career. Pete’s research into sovereignty, security, and stewardship issues has taken him to communities across the Canadian North and allowed him to experience the land with many amazing Elders and the Canadian Rangers. He also taught Circumpolar Studies at Aurora College in Inuvik and Fort Smith for two years, where he had the opportunity to coach the best sport in the world – basketball.

Pete has published multiple book chapters and articles, and two co-edited volumes on a wide array of polar topics. In the fall, he will start a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Trent University, which will explore the community history of Ikaluktutiak. Pete recently moved back to Ontario with his wife, Maria, and is thrilled to be heading north again with SOI.

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