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Peter Johnson

Physical Geographer

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson is a Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Ottawa where he has specialised in Arctic regions for 35 years. His research has focused on glaciated mountain regions, primarily the southwest Yukon, working on glacial geomorphology, glacier and mountain hydrology, and environmental change. He has promoted the importance of the field experience in geographical and environmental research through field courses in the Kluane Region of Yukon for over 30 years. Outside the university world he has worked extensively in the promotion of northern research emphasizing the need for research in the north, for the north and by northerners. Working with an association of universities with research in the north for most of his career, serving four years as president, and with the Canadian Polar Commission as Vice-Chair and Chair the promotion of polar research both nationally and internationally has been a priority. In the circum-arctic world he has represented Canada on the International Arctic Science Committee, the University of the Arctic Council, and the Northern Research Forum. His current focus is on the participation of Canada in the International Polar Year 2007-2008 emphasizing the “human dimension” of polar research.

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